Digital publishing in regional languages

EC Media, a leading digital-content combine in India and the makers of the indigenous e-reader Wink, has now released a compilation of 1,000 Hindi books across genre and titles. This is part of the vision of the company — the technology arm of Kerala-based publishing house DC Books — to encourage digitisation of publications in Indian langauges.

Now, classics in Hindi literature ranging from books penned by writer Munshi Premchand to children's books will be available digitally. Children, in particularly, will be able to learn and discover the joys of reading, given that these e-books will come bundled with colourful graphics, pictures, animations, sounds and audio/read back features. This is part of the company's efforts to encourage digitalisation of books and publications in regional languages. The USP of the Wink Store too is focus on regional languages.

The Managing Director of DC Books Ravi DeeCee said: “This is a momentous achievement in the Indian e-Book reading history. India is recognised for its richness in epics and classics and we feel proud and privileged in reviving and protecting our literature and heritage through the digital platform.”

The Hindi content was demonstrated at the event alongwith MagsonWink, an e-Reader magazine application in India. MagsonWink was recently launched with about 25 of India's leading magazines.

The new e-Reader application has been specifically designed for iPad, Blackberry and Android gadget users all over the world and supports content in 15 Indian languages.

Contents from the most recent editions of leading Indian magazines were demonstrated to the audience at the launch event.

Taking this ahead, EC Media International plans to include integration of over 150 Indian newspapers and magazines on MagsonWink application by mid-2011.
Story writing contest

Commemorating the foray into regional content, EC Media announced a short story writing contest ‘My Wink, My Words'.

This contest is aimed at encouraging the young and aspiring writers/budding authors of Hindi literature to contribute to keep alive Hindi literature and make it interesting and exciting for today's young generation. The winning entry will be published on Wink.

Further details on the contest, rules and regulations, etc. may be obtained from . The winkstore currently has 350,000 books including titles from 15 Indian languages


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