Facebook Surges Toward 650 Million Users

Facebook’s advertising measurement tools have long understated demographics, so once we adjust for that it looks like the site just hit the 600 million user mark.
The site added 100 million users in six months, and over one fifth of them were in the U.S., which remains the largest-represented country on the site.
Parts of Asia also had a lot of growth since June, namely India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The latter two are in the top five among countries represented on Facebook, but have a fraction of the number of users that the U.S. has.
But we’re much more curious about whether the current pace of growth will continue, and if so for how long. Would Facebook reach 650 million users in March and 700 million in June? Growth in the U.S. is expected to level off sometime soon, and then the rest of the expansion will have to come from the rest of the world. The handful of countries that the social network hasn’t yet penetrated seem to be the “swing votes” in determining whether the current trajectory will continue?
Readers, what do you think will drive the next phase of Facebook’s growth?


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