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The Window Phone(comming soon)

The Window Phone(comming soon) This new Window Phone is the concept mobile phone, which is able to transform its appearance like a window as per the weather. The phone is designed as a thin, clear and transparent plastic sheet, which remains clear during a sunny day, becomes humid during a rainy day and takes a dump outlook during a snowy day.

Cable focuses on Internet, satellite TV grows

Cable focuses on Internet, satellite TV grows
U.S. cable television companies wooed home Internet users from rivals in the second quarter, helping offset a trend that has seen their television customers flee to top satellite player DirecTV Group(DTV.O).

Time Warner Cable Inc (TWC.N) and Cablevision Systems Corp (CVC.N) reported on Thursday, like Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O) last week, that they successfully added Internet subscribers in what is now a key focus for companies that were originally built on the back of cable TV programming.

Time Warner Cable Chief Executive Glenn Britt said on a conference call that successfully marketing Internet access is as important, if not more so, as selling bundles of TV shows.

"Broadband is still growing nicely and becoming a more important part of people's every day lives and we're seeing tangible evidence the consumers are willing to pay more for the speed and reliability," Britt said.

Time Warner Cable added 85,000 broadband subscribers …

U.S. Internet traffic talks collapse

U.S. Internet traffic talks collapse

U.S. regulators halted closed-door negotiations about net neutrality rules with phone, cable and Internet companies on Thursday after reports of a side deal between two participants, Verizon Communications Inc(VZ.N) and Google Inc(GOOG.O), surfaced.

"We have called off this round of stakeholder discussions," said Edward Lazarus, chief of staff for Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski.

The collapse means Genachowski may have to decide how to regulate Internet access without further input from the industry. His decision will likely be challenged in court.

"It has been productive on several fronts, but has not generated a robust framework to preserve the openness and freedom of the Internet," Lazarus said of the meetings in a statement. "All options remain on the table."

An analyst warned that the series of private meetings among industry stakeholders could implode due to the deal between Verizon and G…