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Now comes a robot that can trick and deceive

Now comes a robot that can trick and deceiveA robot deceives an enemy soldier by creating a false trail and hiding so that it will not be caught. While this sounds like a scene from Terminator, it’s actually the scenario of an experiment conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology researchers as part of what is believed to be the first detailed examination of robot deception.“We have developed algorithms that allow a robot to determine whether it should deceive a human or other intelligent machine...,” said Ronald Arkin, the professor at the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing.Because the researchers explored the phenomena of robot deception from a general perspective, the study’s results apply to robot-robot and human-robot interactions, reports the International Journal of Social Robotics. In the future, robots capable of deception may be valuable for many different areas, including military and search and rescue operations, according to a Georgia Tech release.A search…