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Visa's new credit card to stop online frauds

Visa's new credit card to stop online frauds
London: The new Visa CodeSure card is of the same size as a conventional credit card but features a miniature keyboard and screen. It is used to generate a constantly changing series of unique security passwords required to authorise purchases over the Internet, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

Head of Innovation at Visa Europe, Sandra Alzetta, said: "This exclusive Visa solution is an extremely convenient way to bring a similar level of security to payments online as we now enjoy on the high street.

"The solution goes beyond online and remote shopping but also allows organisations to use the card in place of other online log-in systems to access."
The card includes a 12-button keypad, a screen and a battery that will power the security system for three years.

The user will input their PIN on the keyboard, which will then generate a unique password, including letters and numbers, that will be typed into the web shopping stor…

Motorola launches five entry-level mobile phones

Motorola launches five entry-level mobile phones

New Delhi: Cellphone maker Motorola India has launched of five entry-level mobile phones under its existing 'MOTOYUVA' brand.

"The aim was to meet the changing needs of our Indian consumers and make mobile communication available to the widest possible audience," Motorola Mobile Devices & Home Vice-President of Marketing (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Asia) Andrew Morley said in a statement.

"These five new mobiles deliver just that by offering affordable solutions for talking, texting, taking photos and listening to tunes," he said.

The company said the new MOTOYUVA WX range features an FM radio, integrated torch light, bluetooth, integrated MP3 player, expandable memory up to 2 GB, GPRS connectivity and a digital camera.

The price of the five new models - MOTOYUVA WX181, MOTOYUVA WX260, MOTOYUVA WX265, MOTOYUVA WX290, MOTOYUVA WX295 - ranges between Rs. 1,490 and Rs. 2,890.

One tiny satellite in space, whiz kids plan two more

One tiny satellite in space, whiz kids plan two moreBangalore: Ignited by their maiden success in placing a tiny satellite in the polar orbit early this week, its young pioneers are raring to launch two more satellites into space. "The successful launch and placing of our first pico-satellite (StudSat) in the earth's lower orbit has inspired us to build two similar satellites for the next launch," the project's core member G. Kartik told IANS here. Riding piggy back on India's advanced remote sensing satellite Cartosat-2B and three other satellites, the 850-gm cubical StudSat was launched onboard the polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV-C15) Monday by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) from its spaceport Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh, about 80 km northeast of Chennai. "We were thrilled to see the 44-metre tall rocket soaring into a clear sky with our first experimental satellite as the smallest payload and were excited when we learnt that it was s…

Vaccine-Delivery Patch With Dissolving Microneedles Eliminates 'Sharps,' Boosts Protection

Vaccine-Delivery Patch With Dissolving Microneedles Eliminates 'Sharps,' Boosts Protection

A new vaccine-delivery patch based on hundreds of microscopic needles that dissolve into the skin could allow persons without medical training to painlessly administer vaccines -- while providing improved immunization against diseases such as influenza.
Patches containing micron-scale needles that carry vaccine with them as they dissolve into the skin could simplify immunization programs by eliminating the use of hypodermic needles -- and their "sharps" disposal and re-use concerns. Applied easily to the skin, the microneedle patches could allow self-administration of vaccine during pandemics and simplify large-scale immunization programs in developing nations. Details of the dissolving microneedle patches and immunization benefits observed in experimental mice were reported July 18th in the advance online publication of the journal Nature Medicine. Conducted by researchers from …

Microsoft withdraws support from Windows XP

Microsoft withdraws support from Windows XPBangalore: Microsoft's four Security Bulletins will offer assistance to users to protect a vulnerable windows computer which was disclosed by Google employee Tavis Ormandy before Microsoft could provide a solution.

Along with the patches, Microsoft has taken its hands off from supporting Windows XP Service Pack 2 which suggests that Windows XP will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft.
Dave Marcus, Research and Communications Director, McAfee says,"McAfee Labs has seen malware in the wild that exploits this o-day vulnerability. Security researchers need to work closely with software vendors to ensure vulnerabilities are patched in the most expedient method and timeline possible, without putting users at risk."

McAfee approves of Microsoft's patches and has asked users to install them at the earliest. Windows Automatic Updates should be used by home users and for the purpose of business it is important to have a ris…

Recalling iphone 4, to cost Apple $1.5 Billion

Recalling iphone 4, to cost Apple $1.5 Billion
When Apple Inc.'s shares slid more than 4 percent early Tuesday, Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi issued a report saying that although a "full product recall of the iPhone 4 would be highly unlikely," the occurrence would end up costing Apple $1.5 billion or 3.5 percent of its total cash balance.
"Apple's image and potentially iPhone sales could be compromised if Apple does not explicitly and constructively address the issue of what it believes is wrong with the phone and how it will address it," Sacconaghi said in the statement.

Apple sold a record-breaking 1.7 million iPhone 4s in the first three days of the product's launch last month, but it received immediate complaints from consumers that the device dropped four or five signal bars when holding it near the bottom left corner.

The new iPhone's antenna was designed for the first time to have a steel band that wraps around the device. The Cuper…