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Showing posts from September 25, 2010

Orkut hacked by Brazilian Hackers

Orkut, the popular social networking site with many admirers is now facing security threats. Orkut users are continuously receiving an automatically generated scrap from people in their friends list and users are being joined into some inappropriate communities without their intervention. The automatically generated scrap mainly consisted words like bomb amungu, bom sabado that means Good Saturday in Portuguese. Experts say, this issue is due to a worm originated from Brazil, which steals Orkut and Google account’s cookies and then utilizing them to post scraps automatically as well as changes the settings saved. Bom Sabado is slowing moving towards Google as well and as per information received, developers are constantly working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. If you did not log in your Orkut account, we ask you not to do so until the issue is resolved and in case have logged in and are facing the same problem,then we suggest you to follow the steps listed below to avoid fu…

An iPhone app that measures pollutants in air

A new smartphone application can now allow users to keep a tab on the air quality and see the level of pollutants around them.Computer scientists in the University of Southern California hope that as many users as possible download and try it in order to improve the software. Currently, the download works for smartphones running the Android system and soon will be widely available on Android app sources. An iPhone app is in the works.The basic principle of the Visibility app is simple, according to the paper documenting the work by USC computer science professor Gaurav Sukhatme.The user takes a picture of the sky while the sun is shining, which can be compared to established models of sky luminance to estimate visibility. Visibility is directly related to the concentration of harmful “haze aerosols,” tiny particles from dust, engine exhaust, mining or other sources in the air. Such aerosols turn the blue of a sunlit clear sky gray.There is one caveat — It has to be the right picture. …