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MSI launch the Windpad 100W Tablet

This is one that has been coming for a while, but finally MSI have got it together and are in the process of  launching the ten inch tablet device, that offers the user a 10.1 inch multi touch control screen, the Intel Menlow Z530 CPU and will be running the Google Android OS. When it comes to the prices, in the US, the price is yet to be announced, but in Europe, the prices are being marked up from 550 and 600 Euros, which gives you an idea on cost etc. The MSI Windpad comes with a 10.1 inch multi-touch 1024 x 600 pixel resolution screen, with the Intel Menlow Z530 CPU that is clocked at 1.6 GHz, the Windpad 100W will come with 2G B of memory located in a SO-DIMM slot, 32 GB of SSD space, 802.11bgn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SD card reader, mini-HDMI output, USB and headphone in/out ports as well as two web cams. The device will be running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system. The Windpad will measures 274 x 173 x 18.5 mm and will weigh a highly portable 800 grams e…

Best Android Live Wallpaper: Dancing Robot

Here is the best Android wallpaper this week, it is a robot dancing around your Droid screen eating your precious battery. As in the video below published on Youtube, the wallpaper will bring life to your dead Android homescreen.

The Verizon iPhone 4: Promising, but likely to be short-lived

The Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 has plenty in its favor, especially compared with its AT&T sibling. But it may be quickly replaced by a newer, cooler version more quickly than is customary even for the die-young life expectancy of most smart phones. That's our bottom line on the new device, which launches on February 10. Here's a detailed scorecard of the good, bad, and unknown about Verizon's newest phone.
It's on a fine carrier. Where AT&T was the lowest-rated carrier by readers in our latest annual survey of cell-phone service, Verizon remains among the most satisfying (among the major providers that offer contract service). It adds new capabilities, at least for an iPhone. The AT&T iPhone can't be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot to provide other devices with a data connectioncan be used as a wireless hotspot for only one device (via Bluetooth) but the Verizon version can serve up to 5 devices (via Wi-Fi). [corrected 1/18/10—Ed.]

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and Galaxy Suit S5670 in official photos

The Samsung S5830 Android 2.2 smartphone seen a couple of days ago is actually called Samsung Galaxy Ace – not Galaxy S Mini, as I previously thought. An official image of the Galaxy Ace has just appeared over at EuroDroid. Although the image is small, there’s no doubt that the Ace is the S5830, so it should feature a HVGA (480 x 320 pixels) touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and a 5MP camera. Another unannounced Android handset that EuroDroid is showing is the Samsung Galaxy Suit S5670, of which we don’t know much about – it seems to be another mid to low-end device anyway. Both the Galaxy Ace and the Galaxy Suit should be officially unveiled by Samsung at MWC 2011 next month, alongside the Galaxy Mini S5570 and the Galaxy S2. We’ll be there to check them all out!

Evolve III Maestro slate triple-boots Android, MeeGo and Windows 7 (video)

We inevitably miss things at tradeshows, and here's one we regret -- we didn't catch this obscure Australian tablet in the flesh at CES 2011. Apparently, this Evolve III Maestro was casually chilling at Intel's booth with Android, Windows 7 and a 1.83GHz Atom N475 CPU inside, but representatives were willing to reveal grander plans if you spent a little time with the device. You see, come Q2 2011, the slate will graduate to a dual-core Oak Trail CPU, and add MeeGo to the stack for a grand total of three operating systems. TabletPCBuzz says Windows 7 and Android are getting eight and sixteen hours of battery life on the Oak Trail chip respectively, and the tablet weighs less than two pounds.
It's hard to say what other features the Oak Trail version will have, but even the existing tablet isn't a pushover, with a 10.1-inch, 1024 x 600 capacitive touchscreen, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, up to 32GB of solid state storage, 3G and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and a pair of full-siz…

Apple to pack ultrafast, dual core SGX543 graphics into iPad 2, iPhone 5

Apple's next generation iPad and iPhone, both due the first half of this year, will pack a new version of the company's custom A4 chip, with dual, faster graphics cores capable of supporting a Retina Display iPad and potentially bringing 1080p HD support to iOS devices, including Apple TV.

Later this year, Apple will introduce its second generation iPad, reportedly with double the resolution and four times the pixels to process. That type of display upgrade would necessitate a big boost in graphics and video processing power.

The same source behind's AppleInsider's coverage of the secret licensing deal that occurred between Apple, Imagination Technologies and Samsung beginning back in 2008, and resulting in the new chips that powered the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, is now indicating what can be expected from Apple's A4 replacement.

Apple's next custom System on a Chip is expected to jump from the SGX535 (which has been used since the iPhone 3GS) to …

T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant 4G rears its head, Android 2.3 in tow [Updated]

We’ve heard rumors about the existence of the Samsung Vibrant 4G, but now we have crystal clear proof. One of our trusted ninjas has sent us the above image that shows off Sammy’s next generation Vibrant handset, complete with front-facing camera, and a bonus surprise… Android 2.3. Our source, who said they had substantial hands-on time with the device, described it as “smooth” and “stupid fast.” The device will pack a 21Mbps HSPA+ radio to take advantage of T-Mo’s self-proclaimed 4G network along with a 4-inch Super AMOLED display. You may notice that the device pictured above is not skinned with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Unfortunately, we hear the good people at Sammy are working on an Android 2.3 compatible version of the interface as we speak… bollocks. Android 2.3 is, however, great news for T-Mobile users considering this device. Hit the jump for a higher resolution image and let us know what you think! UPDATE: The legitimacy of this image has come under quite a bit o…

Dell Streak 7 Releasing February 2nd?

Did you know that we are giving away up-to 100 iPads, Samsung Galaxy S tablets, and Blackberry Playbooks? The next two drawings are being held on January 20th and 24th. Enter on Facebook to receive your ticket numbers today! This one might be a little hard to read but we tried to circle in the area that shows the Dell Streak 7 has a release date of February 2nd. T-mobile’s first 4G tablet was previewed at CES and while it’s likely to be quickly overshadowed as T-Mobile ramps up marketing for the LG Tablet, Dell has put together quite the little feature Tablet for the T-Mobile network. Also of note, our ninja dropped off the news that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is set to hit end of life at the end of January. While whispers speak of a Galaxy Tab 4G successor, there isn’t anything to indicate that the EOL for the current Tab is set to precede the release of another Samsung Tablet. However, with the Dell Streak 7 and the LG G-Slate on the horizon, Samsung can take its time focusing on…

Asus E600 WP7 Phone Shows Off on Video

Asus E600 Windows Phone 7 handset first appears on a December FCC leaked. But, we have only seen bit of pieces on the device. Fortunately, a Vietnamese site called Tinhte managed to capture a video of Asus E600 in action. The WP7 phone will shipped with a 4-inch display screen and a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash. Also, featuring a 1300mAh battery, micro-USB port, lock/power button and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The device will officially unveiled in Barcelona at MWC. is Going to See a Flood of Happy 30-Somethings is a fun little service that makes it easy for users to create avatars for themselves in 8-bit graphics, the old-fashioned looking video-game type imagery. The site has allowed a limited number of beta testers in and today opened up a gallery of some of their avatars. It looks like a lot of fun. (Note: The site includes auto-playing music.)
Users log-in with Twitter, then create moving little full-body avatars for themselves. All the first beta avatars are dressed in various outfits, except for Digg co-founder Kevin Rose. His avatar is naked but for its skivvies. says it hopes to launch this month but in the mean time, co-founder Addison Kowalski (a designer and Rose fellow-traveler), has posted a charming how-to video on YouTube for creating an 8-bit avatar for yourself in Photoshop. It's embedded below. For those of us who grew up playing early video games, this aesthetic is deeply pleasing. Watch for the site to launch soon.

TouchTap Uses Sound to Make Your Entire Phone A TouchScreen

Touchscreens in mobile devices completely changed the industry, and TouchTap is looking to be the “next big thing” in innovation with a unique approach to additional input using only software and the device’s microphone. “The app works by mapping the back of the handset based on the noise that you make when you click it” The best part about this new technology is that is can be applied to almost any phone after it’s been mapped, without the need for hardware alteration or upgrades: “Input Dynamics’ ‘virtual touchscreens and touchpanels’ are enabled via software, using a device’s existing microphone to create natural interaction with multimedia applications. The Touch Tap technology can easily be embedded into new hardware or applied to existing mobile phones and devices as an application” Now you may be wondering of the potential uses of such a technology. Mike Bradley, director of business development of Input Dynamics, thinks the most common use would be allowing people to d…

Roxio Creator 2011 Pro

Roxio Creator 2011 Pro Rating:
List Price:$129.95
Sale Price:$87.69
Availability:Usually ships in 24 hours
Eligible For Free Shipping
Roxio Creator 2011 Pro - Product DescriptionRoxio Creator 2010 Pro includes easy to use tools that let you create pro-quality projects with personal video audio and photos without being a professional. Built-in video tutorials provide education and inspiration. New features include faster video encoding pause/resume during video conversion streaming web video capture and a desktop widget for drag and drop disc burning and copying. Digitize LPs and tapes. Archive AVCHD camera video directly to disc. Share creations online on disc mobile phone or iPod. Creator Pro also includes $300 in extras. Blu-ray Disc authoring Sonicfire Pro soundtrack creation SoundSoap audio noise reduction LightZone visual photo editing and BackOnTrack3 backup software.Features: New! RoxioRoxio Secure Burn Burn and copy discs directly from the desktop. Secure dat…

Bubble Ball, a game made by an eighth grader is now the no.1 free iOS gaming app

The person behind Bubble Ball is Robert Nay, a fourteen-year-old eight grader, and he introduced this app last month. For less than a month this game has gained an enormous popularity and it became the most popular free app for iOS devices on App Store. So far, this game has been downloaded more than two million times and the downloads are still counting. So what’s this game about? Well, it’s a simple puzzle game that uses physics for solving puzzles. Your objective is to combine all sorts of objects and uses physics to help you guide the ball to the finish line.
If you’re interested in this game we suggest that you download it from the App Store because Robert did an amazing job with it.

PC gaming: Ultimate motion sensing Call of Duty experience using Kinect and Wii

Demize2010 combined the power of the latest game console technologies: Kinect and Nintendo Wii into one and used it to play Call of Duty on his PC. We have to say that this project sounds amazing, and it works rather well, but we have to mention that there might be some minor glitches. Anyhow, it’s simple enough, Kinect transfers your body movement into the game so if you crouch, jump or lean, your character will do the same. As for shooting, movement, weapon switching and rest you use Wii Remote controller.
This is a great solution if you want to play your favourite shooting games with motion controllers on PC, but we think that keeping hold of your mouse and keyboard will still always be the better solution. And one last thing, would you really buy a Kinect and a Nintendo Wii just to play your PC games with motion sensing controllers?

Nintendo is now the largest console seller in United States

According to the Nintendo’s director of Corporate Communications, Nintendo has sold more consoles that any other company for five years. That’s an amazing success for Nintendo, and it’s certain that Sony and Microsoft can look up to Nintendo and its success.
So what’s next for Nintendo? Nintendo will soon release the Nintendo 3DS, a new handheld console, so we’re expecting to see a similar success hopefully this year.

Knowledge Trainer is Your Personal Quiz Show

Price: $4.99 DOWNLOAD Knowledge Trainer is like challenging yourself to a round of Jeopardy. The app quizzes you on various topics with the goal of improving your knowledge base. Knowledge Trainer’s subject matter covers a diverse group, such as history, film, science, sports, social science, arts and letters, and geography. Questions are grouped into a series of lessons, with each lesson challenging the player with 10 questions from each of the 10 different categories. Answering a question correctly raises your “KQ.” The better your performance, the more demanding the questions. For any you misstep, you have the opportunity of going back and answering them correctly if you want to learn that information, though it will not boost your score. Personal statistics track your stronger and weaker areas by listing what percentage of questions are correct in each of the different categories. Statistics are also available by state, so if you want to compare how California is doing …

REPORT: 408,000 U.S. Facebook Users Will Die in 2011
This year, 480,000 U.S. Facebook users will die, and 1.78 million of them internationally, which works out to about three every minute. This data comes from Entrustet, a so-called digital asset planning company, which analyzed data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control along with information served by Facebook’s advertising platform. The digital asset management company determined that Facebook lost almost 200,000 users under the age of 14. While the numbers could be skewed for various reasons, most likely the statistic includes duplicate accounts getting purged from the site. Another finding: 150 percent of 20 to 24 year olds in the U.S. are on Facebook — this group has the greatest number of duplicate accounts, which at least partly explains wh…

Facebook Doubled Its Share Of Online Advertising
Facebook got 4.7 percent of the U.S. online ad market in 2010, and that will grow 7.8  percent in 2011 with the addition of an estimated $1 billion in U.S. ad revenues to its 2010 base, according to eMarketer.
EMarketer estimates ad spending on Facebook will reach $4.05 billion worldwide in 2011 — more than double the 2010 figure of $1.86 billion in global ad revenues. By 2012, worldwide ad spending on Facebook is expected to reach $5.74 billion, up 42 percent over 2011. These figures come from a press release put out this morning, teasing to the consultancy’s forthcoming report called “Worldwide Social Network Ad Spending: 2011 Outlook,” by Debra Aho Williamson, the company’s principal analyst for social media and a former colleague of mine. Williamson’s source…

Techlightenment Acquired As Clickable Launches New Service

While by no means the first to enter the Facebook Ad manager market, Clickable, a company dedicated to making online advertising simple and profitable, has formally announced the launch of their “Facebook Ad Management Tools”. This comes the day after Techlightenment, the first company to provide a tool on top of the Facebook Ads API informed us that a majority stake of their company had been purchased by Experian. With a large ecosystem of advertising platforms built on top of Google in the early years, many are hoping to take advantage of a similar opportunity being offered by Facebook through the company’s Ads API. With the Techlightenment announcement, it’s clear that this market is heating up less than a year and a half after it first started. The official statement send to us provided the following rationale from Experian: The acquisition is a further step in Experian’s global strategy to develop and grow its digital marketing activities, providing a range of social …

Facebook Temporarily Halts Sharing Of Mobile Phone And Address Information Facebook has temporarily disabled the code that would have shared individual users’ mobile phones and street addresses with third-party developers, heeding the outcry from consumer privacy activists and the media ever since Friday’s announcement of the now-halted functionality.
The following explanation went up on one of the company’s official blogs late last night: On Friday, we expanded the information you are able to share with external websites and applications to include your address and mobile number. With this change, you could, for example, easily share your address and mobile phone with a shopping site to streamline the checkout process, or sign up for up-to-the-minute alerts on special deals directly…

Facebook’s Next Steps In Revealing User Contact Info

Last night, Facebook announced that it would temporarily remove the ability for developers to request home addresses as well as phone numbers from users, signaling a new policy in responding to public criticism. The company’s next steps will prove most critical. Here are our suggestions for how to handle them.
Educate The UsersOnline identity authentication is not an easy topic to discuss. Facebook has worked hard to make its products as easy to use as possible and that includes the authentication process, the most important component of registering for any new application or website. While Facebook had previously announced such functionality as part of the Facebook Connect launch and subsequent blog updates, it has been a while since users were updated on the progress of the company’s identity authentication services. We’d recommend that the company further educate the users about the issues pertaining to online identity authentication, including the privacy issues in t…

Hollywood studios announce UltraViolet digital plan

Six of Hollywood's largest studios have unveiled a new digital video service called Ultraviolet, which will allow users to buy movies that they can play on any of their devices and share with up to six other people.

The new platform is backed by Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Lionsgate.

Launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the move comes as the video industry struggles to deal with declining DVD sales and the threat of pirated movies and TV shows on the internet.

“The most highly skilled users are already downloading content, making copies and watching on any device they want,” Mitch Singer, chief technology officer of Sony Pictures and a key executive behind Ultraviolet, told the Los Angeles Times. “We're trying to build a business model around that behaviour and convince consumers to go back to collecting movies.”

No prices have yet been revealed for content on the platform, which wil…

Don't save passwords on your browser

Never store unencrypted passwords on a computer’s browser. Doing so makes it too easy for hackers to access the data with tools like Trojans and then access private accounts, warns German computer magazine C’t.

The magazine recommends that people who insist on storing passwords on a browser at least use some kind of master password, which means that all stored access data is safely encrypted. However, that option is only available with Firefox and Opera.

To access this function in Mozilla’s Firefox, users must go to Extras/Settings/Security and then click the option to “use a master password.” Opera automatically asks the first time a password is stored if users wouldn’t rather set up a master password.

Many computer users do not adequately protect their accounts. The most popular passwords include “123456” or “Password” — both of which are incredibly easy for cybercriminals to figure out. Worse, one password often tends to provide access to multiple accounts.

C’t advis…

Nasa unveils face of future jets

London: In what may become the face of modern aviation, Nasa has unveiled three concept designs for quiet, energy efficient aircraft which the agency says could be ready for flight as soon as 2025.

Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing came up with the designs and all the three companies won a contract from the US space agency to research, develop and test their concepts in 2011, the Daily Mail reportedThe designs came about after Nasa revealed it was aiming to develop a line of "super planes" that are faster, larger, quieter – and burn fuel more efficiently and cleanly than their present counterparts.

Criteria set by NASA meant that each design had to fly up to 85 per cent of the speed of sound, cover a range of about 7,000 miles and carry between 50,000 and 100,000 of payload; either cargo or passengers.

Now, each of the three companies will spend the rest of this year exploring , testing and simulating their designs in the hope that Nasa will choose i…

iPhone 5 releasing with A8 SoC processor?

Bangalore: The rumors have started deluging the web world with the impending arrival of the iPhone 5. Since expectations are high that Apple will release the next version of the iPhone, come summer, the latest bit of word doing the rounds is that the iPhone 5 will come with the A8 System-on-Chip processor.
The news comes from a firm called Kinsus in Taiwan thatsupplies Apple with parts for devices and will also supply the new customised A8 processor. Along with the A8 processor,
Apple is also said to be including a Qualcomm baseband to support both CDMA and GSM versions. Also future devices of Apple promise to deliver better graphics with the help of next-gen GPU architecture,
SGX543 build by Imagination Technologies. Well having said all that, the fact is that all these are rumors and confirmation from the horse’s mouth is still awaited.

Increased use of unmanned aircraft

Owen Bowcott and Paul Lewis report There is a second-and-a-half delay between the RAF operator pressing his button and the Hellfire rocket erupting from the aircraft he is controlling, circling in the sky above Afghanistan.

That’s a long time in modern warfare, but the plane is an unmanned “drone” and its two—strong crew are 13,000km at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada. Right now, the Reaper is being commanded from a console with twin video screens shaped to resemble a plane’s cockpit.

The UK has five Reapers like this one operating in Afghanistan. With a wingspan of 20 metres, they are 11m long, reach a top speed of 250 knots (463kph) and usually carry four Hellfire rockets and two laser—guided bombs. These Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) — which rely on fibre optic cables, European “upstations” and satellite links — are part of an international trend towards remote combat. RAF—controlled Reapers used their weapons in Afghanistan 123 times in the first 10 months of 2010.

Best Way to Measure Dark Energy Just Got Better

Dark energy is a mysterious force that pervades all space, acting as a "push" to accelerate the Universe's expansion. Despite being 70 percent of the Universe, dark energy was only discovered in 1998 by two teams observing Type Ia supernovae. A Type 1a supernova is a cataclysmic explosion of a white dwarf starThese supernovae are currently the best way to measure dark energy because they are visible across intergalactic space. Also, they can function as "standard candles" in distant galaxies since the intrinsic brightness is known. Just as drivers estimate the distance to oncoming cars at night from the brightness of their headlights, measuring the apparent brightness of a supernova yields its distance (fainter is farther). Measuring distances tracks the effect of dark energy on the expansion of the Universe.

The best way of measuring dark energy just got better, thanks to a new study of Type Ia supernovae led by Ryan Foley of the Harvard-Smithsoni…

Lighter bullet-proof body armour created for soldiers

 A new body armour — bullet-proof custard — could help save soldiers’ lives.

It is made up of a substance that absorbs the force of a shot or shrapnel by thickening and hardening instantly on impact.

Researchers have inserted the formula called a shear thickening fluid between sheets of traditional Kevlar to produce the ‘super armour’

The liquid has been compared to custard because the molecules lock together and ‘thicken’ in the same way as the dessert sauce reacts to being stirred when heated.

Experts say this will create armour that is about half as heavy as standard bullet-roof vests which allows greater manoeuvrability for troops, the Daily Mail reports.

Soldiers currently struggle with bulky body armour made up of ceramic plates and layered Kevlar, which is five times stronger than steel but can restrict movement.

The pioneering technology has been created by a team of scientists at the global defence and security company BAE systems in Filton, Bristol.

Researchers t…