iPhone 5 releasing with A8 SoC processor?

Bangalore: The rumors have started deluging the web world with the impending arrival of the iPhone 5. Since expectations are high that Apple will release the next version of the iPhone, come summer, the latest bit of word doing the rounds is that the iPhone 5 will come with the A8 System-on-Chip processor.

The news comes from a firm called Kinsus in Taiwan thatsupplies Apple with parts for devices and will also supply the new customised A8 processor. Along with the A8 processor,

Apple is also said to be including a Qualcomm baseband to support both CDMA and GSM versions. Also future devices of Apple promise to deliver better graphics with the help of next-gen GPU architecture,

SGX543 build by Imagination Technologies. Well having said all that, the fact is that all these are rumors and confirmation from the horse’s mouth is still awaited.


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