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Teacher Learns Facebook Lesson On Privacy Surely every teacher has a day when the little ones get so ruthless you want to rant after work. But perhaps Christine Rubino should have saved hers for an in-person chat rather than blasting it onto Facebook.

The veteran Brooklyn teacher is currently fighting for her job after a tasteless status update about her students, according to the New York Post.
Rubino told the paper her class had been “out of control… spitting on each other, kicking each other, putting gum in each other’s hair.
After that, she left her classroom and typed the following status update into her mobile device,: ”After today, I’m thinking the beach is a good trip for my class. I hate their guts.’
A friend responded, “Wouldn’t you throw a life jacket to little Kwami?”
‘No I wouldn’t for a million…

Why You Need Facebook’s Like Buttons On Your Site All web publishers should strongly consider implementing Facebook’s like buttons into their sites.

If you head over to the Facebook For Websites page, you will find an overview of all of the social plugins available to publishers.
Facebook has made it extremely user friendly for publishers to implement the like buttons into their web pages. It can be done without a tremendous amount of coding and technical knowledge.
However, once publishers learn how to implement the like buttons, they need to decide what type of button to use. The main decision comes down to whether a publisher wants to use like buttons which allow users to like a specific piece of content — or like buttons which allow users to like the respective website’s entire Facebook fan page.

Facebook Reinstates William Shatner’s Profile

The original Captain Kirk on “Star Trek” saw his Facebook account reinstated, after the site had pulled it on the presumption of fakery.

William Shatner took his grievance with Facebook to Twitter and that motivated the social network to restore his profile in about an hour.

Facebook abounds with fan pages dedicated to Shatner (who younger folks might only know as the Negotiator in Priceline commercials) explains why such a mistake might happen. However, the site has previously pulled accounts belonging to non-celebrities who happen to share the same names as famous people.
The social network has the best of intentions in trying to stop impostor profiles and pages, given the potential security problems. Facebook now has a law to back up efforts to do away with fakery on the site, which counts as a misdemeanor in California.
However, the legislation prohibits posing as another living person with the objective of causing harm or fraud, while some of the cases of celebrity pr…

Analysis: Nokia’s Huge Bet On Windows Phone 7 is All or Nothing

I was getting a sense earlier in the week from contacts of mine close to both Nokia and Microsoft that Nokia was going to pick Windows Phone 7 as their smart phone platform of choice. Initially I thought this was crazy given that all the momentum is with Android, it appeared as though picking any other smart phone platforms was suicide. However the more I thought about what this partnership means the more I think it makes sense.
This is an incredibly bold decision by Nokia. There isn’t a shred of evidence that Windows Phone 7 is gaining any momentum in the marketplace. Not with consumers, not with developers and not with handset manufactures. For Nokia to have chosen to go with Microsoft’s mobile platform their executive team must believe that they can single handedly inject new life into the platform.

They Must Attract Developers
This may be blatantly obvious however it is still an important point. As it is developers have to split resources and strategically c…

HTC’s Facebook button is the Start of Something Big

Yesterday HTC announced two new phones the ChaCha and the Salsa. Each included a new and unique implementation with the social networking giant Facebook. As I listened to HTC CMO John Wang talk about how deeply they integrated the Facebook experience into these devices I became convinced they are on to something.

HTC, in my opinion, is in the top tier of companies that are innovating within the mobile sector. The level of thought they put into the experience consumers have with their phones is impressive and refreshing. This thinking is what led them to take another step forward and add deep Facebook integration into two of their latest devices.
Our Social Fabric
Like mobile phones, Facebook is now so deeply woven into our social fabric that it is hard to imagine a world without it. Facebook has more than 500 million active global users, 200 million of which are also actively using Facebook on mobile devices. People that use Facebook on mobile devices are twice…

Does 4G really matter?

4G. It’s everywhere. It’s on the tech sites you read. It’s on the televisions you watch. It’s plastered in advertisements all over the city streets you walk. It was probably in the sandwich you ate for lunch. Cellular carriers around the world are betting the bank on 4G — be it LTE, WiMAX or the newly knighted HSPA+ — and 4G-enabled gear is already starting to flood the market despite the lack of nationwide coverage. Sprint was first to market with 4G here in the U.S. since HSPA+ was still just 3G at the time, and the carrier now has several 4G smartphones and 4G modems available for sale. Verizon Wireless is about to launch its first 4G phone, the highly anticipated HTC ThunderBolt, and AT&T will begin the process of replacing its HSPA+ 4G network with an LTE 4G network later this year. Even smaller carriers like MetroPCS are getting in on the action. In fact, MetroPCS became the first U.S. carrier to launch an LTE phone last year when it released the Samsung Craft. N…

iPad 2: Another Step Forward for Tablets

Today Apple unveiled what’s next for the iPad. Last night I wrote an article pointing out a number of things I hoped were in store for the iPad 2. Luckily, Apple delivered on several key things I feel are important to move this category. More importantly Apple has provided a glimpse of where the iPad and the tablet category at large is heading.
Moving Beyond a Hobbyist Gadget
If you recall the early days of the microcomputer, many proclaimed that the new invention was a toy only for hobbyists and enthusiasts. There were many early visionaries who understood what exactly the personal computer was and could become, but it wasn’t until software like VisiCalc hit the scene that the microcomputer was truly turned into a productivity tool.
With the new GarageBand and iMovie for iPad, Apple has taken a similar step and shown us how the iPad is coming into its own as a tool to be used by more than just hobbyists and enthusiasts to consume content. Of course it can consume…

Tally unveils upgraded version Tally.ERP 9 Series

Bangalore: Tally Solutions has come out with an upgraded version "Tally ERP9 series 'A' Release 3.0". The new version has been designed for flawless business execution and it comes with new features and enhanced functionalities, including the incorporation of the new Rupee symbol.

According to the company, the new edition includes introduction of its bidirectional language feature, simplification of business processes via Job Work and Payroll via Income Tax for payroll. Tally also provides another interesting feature that facilitates for "inter-currency" conversion. Tally allows the user to select a base currency (say INR in this case) and converts the consolidated reports of all international branches of the business into the same.

The Banking module now makes transactions easier to record, execute, and monitor by filters such as dates, payment modes, and modes of transactions thereby simplifying records paving a comprehensive route for smoot…

Roots of the Solar System: Astronomers Observe Planets in the Making

Planets form in disks of dust and gas that surround young stars. A look at the birth places means a journey into the past of Earth and its siblings. Now, astronomers have been able to obtain detailed images of the protoplanetary disks of two stars using the Subaru telescope in Hawaii. This is the first time that disk structures comparable in size to our own solar system have been resolved this clearly, revealing features such as rings and gaps that are associated with the formation of giant planets.The observations are part of a systematic survey to search for planets and disks around young stars using a state-of-the-art high-contrast camera designed specifically for this purpose.

Planetary systems like our own share a humble origin as mere by-products of star formation. A newborn star's gravity gathers leftover gas and dust in a dense, flattened disk of matter orbiting the star. Clumps in the disk sweep up more and more material, until their own gravity becomes suf…

Newest member of the dinosaurs ‘discovered’

Palaeontologists claim to have discovered the newest member of the dinosaurs -- Brontomerus Mcintoshi, also known as “thunder thighs” because of its huge legs and the translation of its name. An international team which spotted the remains of the creature in the American state of Utah says it has generated a computer image of the species. The remains date from the early Cretaceous period, which began around 145 million years ago and ended 65 million years ago. The remains included a juvenile’s left ilium bone, which forms part of the pelvis, and also a near complete left scapula, or shoulder blade, of a larger, presumably adult, animal, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. The team also found well preserved vertebrae from the creature as well as a complete rib bone. They then used the bones they discovered to match certain known criteria to determine what species of dinosaur they came from. Using five variables, and particularly focused on the size and other factors within the ilium bone, …

Will India ever witness emergence of $35 tablet?

New Delhi: Can India dream of witnessing emergence of $35 tablet ever? HCL, the only hope also turned their back towards the tablet project. HCL Infosystems has denied its association with Sakshat project of the ministry of human resource development to manufacture access and computing device to be priced $35 a piece.

"It has been wrongly reported that we are associated with the project," Ajay Chowdhry, a co-founder of HCL and Chairman, HCL Infosystems said. Chowdhry mentioned that HRD ministry has recently floated a Request For Proposal (RFP) for the project and some companies have participated in it. When asked about HCL's participation in the RFP, Chowdhry told that his company will not participate in the RFP. "We will not apply for RFP," Chowdhry said on the sidelines of 'Electronics for You' expo. Chowdhry did not comment on the reasons for not participating in the RFP for Sakshat.

Kapil Sibal, union minister for human resource devel…

Malaysia nixes Borneo coal plant for wildlife sake

Malaysia has scrapped plans to build a coal-fired power plant near a Borneo wildlife reserve, a move environmentalists praised Thursday as a landmark effort to curtail projects that threaten rain forests sheltering endangered animals.

Musa Aman, the chief minister of Sabah state, announced Wednesday that the federal government had decided not to construct the 300-megawatt coal plant, which many feared would be a major source of pollution.

The 1.7 billion ringgit ($560 million) plant would have been built on the site of an oil palm plantation, about 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the Tabin Wildlife Reserve, home to Borneo pygmy elephants, rhinoceros and orangutans.

“Sabah needs to increase its power supply to meet the increasing development, but the state cannot afford to put its natural environment at risk,” Musa was quoted as saying in The Star newspaper.

Officials would seek other ways to fulfill Sabah’s energy demand, which is expected to increase by up to 8 percent an…

36 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube every minute

About 36 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube, the video—sharing website owned by global search giant Google Inc.

A top official of Google India told reporters here Wednesday that tens of hundreds of Indian movies from the classics of 1960s to the latest ones were available on YouTube.

The website is working actively to bring Hindi movies online, said Vinay Goel, head of products, Google India.

Salman Khan starrer “Dabaang” was the latest full-length Hindi movie made available on YouTube. Millions in India watched it for free.

Goel said many movie houses were bringing their films online. Several soap operas on various television channels are also available on YouTube.

Last year, 55 million people across the world watched Indian Premier League cricket live on YouTube, he said, pointing out the volume of information available online in various media formats.

“The amount of information being created on daily basis is mind-boggling. Last year, we created 800,0…

Facebook gets a facelift

Bangalore: The social networking giant Facebook has announced a new layout for brand pages used by businesses and other organizations with newly added features and capabilities. The new layout removes the tabs on the top of the page giving it a fresh look than just a contemporary user profile pages. With the new design, links appears instead of tabs on the left side of the page underneath the brand's profile picture. The redesign is already out and will take effect from March 10 for all. The pages are mainly designed for businesses, brands, public figures and organizations to oversee their daily operations. Sending a message to administrators on February 10, the company offered pages owners the opportunity to preview and upgrade early to the new format.

With the latest updation, you can interact with other pages as your brand, rather than yourself. Many features previously enjoyed only by the individual users, are made available here. For example, 'Likes' and …