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Faster and simpler Chrome 6 out now

Faster and simpler Chrome 6 out now Bangalore: Google has released the latest version of its Chrome browser, the Chrome 6. The newest edition of the browser engine claims to be faster and simpler with a discreet interface. The Chrome 6 stable is build for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Google has made some changes in the overall appearance of the browser. They include a revised color scheme and a cleaned up URL box. The Omnibox combines two menus into one and relocates the buttons. The future promises a lot more for Chrome and new apps are in the offing and will be made available through the Chrome Web Store. Google first launched the browser in the year 2008 and since then Chrome has went through considerable transformations. The browser has been made faster, simpler and safer with more customizable New Tab page, browser themes, side-by-side view, password manager, better privacy controls, Adobe Flash Player, Autofill, automatic translation, HTML5 support and sync for bookmarks, extens…