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Showing posts from March 30, 2011

Everyday: An App To Turn Your Face Into A Poignant Work Of Art

Remember that video “Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.“? You should — it has nearly 19 million views on YouTube. In it, you watch as photographer Noah Kalina’s face evolves over a yes, six year span. It’s a fascinating and oddly beautiful work of art. And now you can easily do it yourself. Kalina has helped in the production of a new iPhone app called Everyday. Alongside Adam Lisagor (who you might know from his videos on the web as well — like this one and this one) and developers William Wilkinson and Oliver White, the team has created an app that allows you to take a picture of your face every single day. Okay, big deal, right? But the genius is in the execution and the end result. When you first load up Everyday, you’re asked to take a picture of your face. Once you do this, you’re asked to align a grid to where you nose, mouth, and eyes are. This means that for each picture you take, your face can be in the same position — a key ingredient in the original…