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Opera Mini had 85.5 million users in December 2010

As you know, 2010 was quite a successful year for Opera’s mobile browser, Opera Mini. Opera Mini launched its iOS version and it got more than one million downloads on the first day, which was quite a success. Anyway, in December 2010, Opera had over 85.5 million users, and that’s a 6.8% increase from November 2010. As from December 2009, Opera Mini had 84.7% more new users. In addition, in December 2010, Opera Mini users viewed more than 46.7 billion pages and that’s a 4.6% increase since November, and 125.5% increase since December 2009
As you can see, Opera’s popularity is growing, and without a doubt, Opera Mini was one of the most popular mobile browsers last year, so if you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest that you give it a go.

PC case mod Hammerhead HMR989 is inside-out

The bold looks of this case mod presents no symmetry, and indeed no box-like figure.
The Ecoresin plastic, CNC machined anodized blue aluminum sections as well as the LEDs are all there to show you this is no ordinary PC. Everything is inside-out. The great advantage of the Hammerhead’s design is that it will never run the risk of overheating, secondly, you can always easily upgrade your hardware should you need to. The system comes hand built with a 2.8Ghz Core i7-860 CPU, supported by an nVidia ENGTX460 graphics card and a 40GB SSD.

Matthew Kim, the designer behind this outrageously cool case mod, hand assembles each HMR989 and sells them for $2899 USD on Darwin Machine.

Yahoo now accepts Google and Facebook logins via OpenID

As you know, Yahoo started using Bing to power its search engine last year, and now, YahooGoogle and Facebook account logins via the OpenID protocol. has announced that it will be accepting
Thanks to this, Yahoo! services are now available to all users without the need to sign up, which is great. We also have to notice that other sites are slowly dropping the support for Yahoo! logins, so will it be that Yahoo! will soon become a dying breed?

Xbox 360 cannot run pirated Call of Duty games after latest update

When it comes to updates, we expect that they fix certain issues, improve stability and similar, but this time, Microsoft decided to fight the piracy with this latest update.
It turns out that the latest update stops the piracy for two of the Xbox 360′s hottest games, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Users have noticed that running pirated versions of these games is now impossible after the latest update. As you can see, Microsoft is trying to fight against piracy, and so far, only pirated versions of these two games are prevented from running.
As for the future updates, we don’t know whether will Microsoft ban any more pirated games, but we’re positive that won’t happen in the next upcoming update or anytime soon.

MSI’s prototype tablet comes with built-in projector

The convenience this idea delivers is vast, imagine being able to project and display directly in front of your audience, on the wall, ceiling, or directly in front of a second person. The company also states that the projector will be able to display keyboards that the user can use to type instead of using one hand or only their thumbs to type on the screen.
The device is still in the prototype phase was seen by the folks at Tbreak to run Windows 7. There is of course, no word yet on when this device will be available.

10 Pages For Buyers And Sellers On Facebook

Social commerce may gain significant traction this year, and there are already many places on Facebook where you can buy and sell goods without leaving the social network. We have scoured the site to bring you ten pages filled with social marketplaces, companies that help you build stores on Facebook, and other providers of shopping services. Check out the pages below, and if you think we’ve missed any please tell us in the comments section.

Adgregate Adgregate is an e-commerce service that aids businesses in best utilizing and leveraging their Facebook pages and stores to gain the most profit possible. Keep up with the latest from the company by fanning their official home. on the social network. See what they can do to help grow your business’ social commerce on social media outlets. MarketplaceThe Marketplace on Facebook continues to be one of the hottest applications to sell and purchase various goods. The application allows you to post items you are selling to alert frie…

Facebook Trades Dominate SecondMarket

Facebook accounted for 39 percent of completed trades during the last three months of 2010 on SecondMarket, the online venue for trading shares of privately-held companies. With $157.8 million in completed trades during the quarter, $61.542 million of that would have involved Facebook shares. Based on an implied valuation of $50 billion for the company, at most something like 12 percent of the social network’s stock moved around on SecondMarket during the last three months of 2010. Most likely there was some flipping in the mix, which would mean a smaller percentage of the stock moved around. SecondMarket booked twice as many transactions during the fourth quarter than the third, and additional data suggests people may have come to the site just to get in on the Facebook action. The number of participants surged during that time, as SecondMarket had roughly 15,000 in September and around 40,000 in December, according to the nfographics that the company posted online. During t…

Venture Funding Increase Creates Windfall For Facebook

Venture capital is back, in a very big way. Funding across all sectors has enjoyed double-digit percent increases across all sectors, for the first time since 2007. How much of the windfall lined the pockets of developers creating applications for Facebook? PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association tallied $31.8 billion in 3,277 deals during 2010, a 12 percent gain over 2009. The fourth quarter of the year saw a total of $5 billion in 765 transactions, and the third quarter had $4.9 billion in funding among 789 individual deals. Funding for every stage in company development rose, except for seed funding, which dropped a mere two percent. The press release put out by PWC and NVCA said: Internet-specific companies also saw an increase in investing in 2010.  The $3.78 billion going into 729 deals represented a 28 percent increase in dollars and 14 percent in deals from 2009 when $2.9 billion went into 638 deals. For the fourth quarter, Internet-specifi…

Facebook Fights U.S. Pressure Over WikiLeaks

Facebook’s fight against government pressure to cut ties with WikiLeaks and release the personal data of those users might seem to contradict how the social network operates with respect to third-party developers, although neither happens without Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes told InfoWorld that the social network is “required to regularly push back against over-broad requests for user records. … in most cases we are able to convince the party issuing legal process to withdraw the overbroad request, but if they do not we fight the matter in court” and have a history of success in those cases. This is exactly the kind of responsible approach Daniel Ellsberg urged a room of Silicon Valley executives to take at a Churchill Club event in Santa Clara, Calif., la…

Facebook Officially Announces Funding

Facebook finally put out a press release on PR Newswire officially setting the record straight on $1.5 billion in funding. The overseas clientele of Goldman Sachs bought $1 billion, and the bank plus Digital Sky Technologies together invested another $500 million The blogosphere will doubtlessly explode with posts about why and how the numbers seem to have changed from what was originally reported by The New York Times on January 2. I don’t think the size of the deal selling to Goldman’s clientele shrank from $1.5 billion to $1 billion because of U.S. investors got shut out of the deal, although that’s a clever idea. I think the discrepancy more likely has to do with the nature of off-the-record scoops, like the one that started the media frenzy in the first place.  Rarely do the early leaks of secrets ever turn out to be accurate. Don’t mistake this as dissing any of the previous coverage of $500 million in direct investment and $1.5 billion from Goldman clientele. Like the…

Facebook Removes Suggest Page To Friends Feature

One of the more useful features of Facebook is a simple tool that users can use to suggest pages to their friends. As of the past few days the feature stopped working for administrators and is no longer visible to fans of the

The most likely reason for this change was that page administrators were typically the only people likely to use the tool. This also prevents page administrators from encouraging fans to share their page with others. While the tool is currently broken for admins, I have a feeling it will be resolved in the near future. There’s also a chance that Facebook will come up with alternative solutions for easily sharing your favorite pages. Ultimately I’m not sure how large of an impact this will have on page growth but it’s definite…

10 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins

When it comes to adding JavaScript functionality to a website, jQuery has become the solution of choice for web designers and developers. With it’s ease of use and ever-growing selection of plugins, there’s really no point to look elsewhere. Awesome jQuery plugins are popping up everyday, and we’re always on the look out. So for this post, I’ve gathered 10 fresh plugins that you should find very useful. Cute Balloon Cute Balloon is a jQuery script that allow you to easy make a beauty tool tip balloon, also with ajax content. Captify Captify is a plugin that displays simple, pretty image captions that appear on rollover. The goal of Captify is to be easy to use, small/simple, and completely ready for use in production environments (unlike ImageCaptions at the moment). Also, it’s only 2.3kb! gvChart gvChart is a plugin for jQuery, that uses Google Charts to create interactive visualization by using data from the HTML table tag. It is easy in use and additionally it allows you to cr…

19 Unique jQuery Tutorials for Web Developers

jQuery is the premier library for coding JavaScript page effects. Most popular content management packages run jQuery for both admin and frontend design effects. As a web developer jQuery can be a fun library to spend some time learning and offers tremendous design potential. It seems there are so many references and guides out there it’s easy to get lost. Below we’ve compiled 19 unique jQuery tutorials to help develop your skills as a frontend developer. Form validation from scratch Develop a simple and powerful jQuery script for common HTML form validation. Incredible jQuery Login Form Learn how to code a structural jQuery login form with sliding animation. Hide your form out of a visitors view until clicked. Creating a Digg Style Signup Form Digg has been an innovator for web apps for years. Learn how to develop a dynamic registration form similar to their signup page. Color jQuery & CSS3 Sliders Here you are taught about using jQuery and the new transformation features brought by…