10 Pages For Buyers And Sellers On Facebook

Social commerce may gain significant traction this year, and there are already many places on Facebook where you can buy and sell goods without leaving the social network. We have scoured the site to bring you ten pages filled with social marketplaces, companies that help you build stores on Facebook, and other providers of shopping services. Check out the pages below, and if you think we’ve missed any please tell us in the comments section.

Adgregate is an e-commerce service that aids businesses in best utilizing and leveraging their Facebook pages and stores to gain the most profit possible. Keep up with the latest from the company by fanning their official home. on the social network. See what they can do to help grow your business’ social commerce on social media outlets.
  • Marketplace 
  • The Marketplace on Facebook continues to be one of the hottest applications to sell and purchase various goods. The application allows you to post items you are selling to alert friends, and also spread the message wider across the community on the social network. You can also find an immense amount of items you may be in the market for, ranging from jobs and apartments to posters and toasters. Start using the Marketplace on Facebook here
  • Amazon and Quidsi 
  • As we covered the story earlier this month, Amazon‘s recently purchased subsidiary Quidsi set up a few shops on Facebook selling various household goods. These items cover slightly odd ground, diapers and soap-related products. Utilizing the MyList Tab on the Facebook pages of both Diapers.com and Soap.com gives users the ability to shop directly from the pages. A third page set up by Quidsi, BeautyBar.com, takes a slightly different approach offering various promotions from their online store made available specifically to Facebook fans.
  • YardSellrYardSellr utilizes social media almost perfectly to set up a yard sale-like experience through sites such as Facebook that allow users to buy and sell various goods. Look around the virtual “blocks” that may be selling jewelry, books, or other assorted goods to find that perfect item that you have been you’ve been missing. Become a seller on the application and craft goods, or get rid of those that may be collecting dust around the house. Visit YardSellr’s Facebook application here.
  • FatWallet.comConnect to FatWallet using your Facebook account, and peruse forums on the hunt for the best bargains around. If you know of any deals yourself share them with others on the page. Visit FatWallet.com, and also become a fan the deal-finding website on Facebook.
  • StorenvyStorenvy makes it easy to set up your own shop on Facebook, and the only fees you pay are for Paypal services. Take a moment to also fan Storenvy.com’s official page to receive the latest updates from the company and discover some of the top shops.
  • ShopIgniterShopIgniter calls itself “the next-generation social eCommerce platform.” One of the key parts of the company is the fully-functional Facebook stores that brands can add to their pages. This vendor had a remarkable 2010, and it is expected the company will continue to grow this year. Check out the ShopIgniter’s commerce solutions here
  • EbayConnect to eBay using your Facebook account to making shopping more of a social activity between you and your friends. See what your pals are buying and selling and they can similarly learn what you’re bidding or auctioning. Best of all, you can now buy gifts as a group .
  • OtherPageOtherPage is an interesting two-way shopping service that you can connect to using your Facebook login. Shop for excellent deals with the opportunity to receive cash back, and also earn rewards by discussing your favorite merchants selling goods on the social shopping service. To start using it, simply click here.
  • AddowayAnother social media marketplace welcoming buyers and sellers with the opportunity to purchase and sell goods is Addoway. Connect with friends to see what they have up for sale, and also what they may be purchasing, by logging in using your Facebook account. Addoway also has a number of reward programs set up for those who participate and promote sellers on the website. Learn more and see what you can find by visiting thispage.


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