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Showing posts from December 22, 2010

After TVs, phones, now comes a 3D website

Sunderland, UK: In what is touted to be the world's first 3D website, Stereografix, a UK based company has launched a stereoscopic 3D website which is designed specifically for viewing on 3D HD TV sets. Although the website is still a prototype, the basic requirements to correctly view 3D components on the website include your computer/laptop to be connected to a 3D television, a compatible browser and 3D viewing glasses.The website,, features a 3D interface as well as additional content. The company's Founder Saif Chaudhry said, "I don't think many people are even thinking this far ahead, and we've got a prototype already. It's not every day you can say you're first with something where the internet is concerned."
However Chaudhry is of the opinion that there is a demand for more 3D TVs and computer monitors before the website actually becomes mainstream.

The 3D website has two optimised display versions: Active (LCD Shuttering) a…

Panasonic brings the world's largest 3D HD plasma TV to India

New Delhi: Consumer electronics brand Panasonic has launched a 152 inch 3D high definition plasma television in India. The plasma TV is touted to be the world's largest, giving an experience of a mini theatre and is priced at 3.50 crore.

Daizo Ito, President, Panasonic India said that the the plasma TV screen was equal to nine 50 inch screens. The resolution of the TV is 4096 X 2160 pixels with 3D support. The key features of the TV include cross talk reduction enabling clear and high definition 3D images, with a full HD X 2 frame sequential method.The television first made appearance in January this year. This makes it a pretty late entry into the Indian market. Ito explained the technology of the television saying, "Panasonic's unique display technology brings out that full potential of the plasma display to achieve powerful 3-dimensional effects and a feeling of total immersion that draws the viewer right onto the image."
The television is the world's first dev…

Epson launches all-in-one photo printer at 13,999

Mumbai: Epson, a digital imaging and printing solutions provider, has released a new all-in-one photo printer, the Epson Stylus Photo TX720WD, which is the fastest photo printer in Epson's printer line-up. The print resolution of the Stylus Photo TX720WD printer is of 5760 x 1440 dots per inch (dpi).

The inkjet printer produces up to 40 pages per minute (ppm). This includes both black and color text. It can also print a 4 X 6 inch photo in 10 seconds. It incorporates a flat touch pad, and betters it predecessor Epson Stylus Photo TX700W, by integrating a new integrated duplex printing module. The new technology will help users in saving papers.“We Samba Moorthy, Senior General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Epson said, "We are very proud to present photo enthusiasts with our latest Epson Stylus Photo TX720WD which we are confident will exceed their expectations in performance. The printer features wireless connectivity, which allows it to be conveniently stored in cupboards o…