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Microsoft Office 15 Aims For Facebook Integration

Microsoft wants the next version of its Office productivity suite to include Facebook integration.
An engineering job posting on Microsoft’s website notes, “For Office 15 we’re building new products to deliver integration of instant messaging/presence with social networks such as Facebook.” A full copy of the ad appears below this post. Some might consider Facebook integration to contradict the very notion of office productivity, but if anything Office would follow in the footsteps of other business applications. Customer relationship management packages have been moving toward social media, with a view toward reaching people wherever they are online. The integration could simply include messaging or chat, like ZDNet suggests in its headline about Office 15. However, that might be only one of several interfaces. Microsoft Front Page, and possibly Word, could have an option to upload pages to Facebook; Outlook could synchronize with Facebook’s new messages platform; and, of cour…

8 Ways To Improve Your Band’s Presence On Facebook
As my computer gives a figurative sigh every time I still have to type in a band’s URL on Myspace, it becomes more and more prevalent that the once prime location for fans to interact with bands is now merely a barren wasteland filled with page loading errors. Can Facebook step in as the primary replacement? Here’s how to strengthen your band’s presence on the leading social network.

Pages Are Better Than GroupsIf you haven’t read it already, please check out my slideshow from October called 7 Facebook Applications Every Musician Needs. I recommend you use any of the tools mentioned, especially MyBand or BandPage. Simply using a group or personal profile won’t give you a professional look like you can get with a page and one of the aforementioned appl…

Facebook Promotes New Deals Service In News Feed

Yesterday Facebook began promoting the company’s new deals service which is expected to compete directly with Groupon and LivingSocial.

As reported by Josh Constine, the promotion came through the news feed which states that a number of your friends have subscribed to deals and then links to the Facebook Deals landing page. It’s a pretty substantial promotion which will probably function similar to deals promotions in the future. It’s clear that the company is doing everything it can to promote the soon-to-be-released service, including promoting that the service will out email promotions, most likely on an opt-in basis.
The Facebook Deals landing page looks like a promotion for any other deals service, promoting offers like 50 percent off a winery tour. While the process currently requires interacting with a Facebook Sales representative, we’d guess that this will become much more automated in the future as Facebook looks to expand their offerings to all small busine…

AT&T MiFi 2372 review

In the week or so that I have been testing the AT&T MiFi 2372 by Novatel Wireless, it has already saved no less than three lives. First, it saved my cable guy’s life. You see, Time Warner Cable provides the worst home Internet service I have ever experienced. I can’t even think of a close second. If providing terrible home Internet service was a sport, Time Warner Cable would be on its tenth consecutive undefeated season. Forget the fact that my upload speed is capped at 60Kbps and I’m lucky if I can get half that — it has been months since I’ve gone through a full day without at least one service interruption. Months. Unfortunately, Time Warner Cable has an exclusive contract with my building so I have no choice but to endure its abysmal service. Last week, as a Time Warner Cable technician entered my home for the sixth time in two months, I realized that this certainly would have spelled serious trouble had it not been for my trusty new back up device. Before the Mi…

Tablet vs Notebook: The Consumer Decision

If you are anything like me you get asked questions like what computer to buy, what phone to buy, or what TV to buy. Now, more recently I’ve been getting this interesting question: “should I get a tablet or upgrade my notebook?” This question goes to show how much upside this tablet category has in the computing paradigm shift we are observing. However, with where we are in the early days of this category, does it really make sense to recommend a tablet over a notebook?

Respond to their Question with a Question
Like any good or helpful salesperson, the best way to answer any tech related question where multiple products, platforms and companies are being considered is always to ask “what do you plan to use it for?” This allows you to get to the heart of a person’s computing needs and then recommend a product based on their primary uses.
However more often than not I am still recommending a notebook over a tablet, especially when they are looking at replacing their p…

Create Your Own Game – 7 Sites that let you create games online

Create your own games online with few clicks. For those of you who always wondered how do people create those games where Bush is punching Kerry or Bush Dancing? here are 7 online resources which will let you create your own games instantly. All of these sites offer flash based games creation. Few of these sites offer template based game creation and few offer a clean slate for creating games were you can design/create/import objects and create the game from the scratch and publish it. Creating your own games wouldn’t have been so easy it if wasn’t for these sites. I have created a game using one of the sites on the list, do give it a try.
Spolder offers an option of creating two games and it offers complete inventory of objects that can be used for creating a game. The interface is very intuitive which makes creating your own game a peace of
ads Pictogame offers a variety of games to choose from. Once you decide which game you want to create all yo…

ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Dual-Boots Windows 7 And Android OS, Now Available For Sale (Video)!

ViewSonic just announced that it’s dual-boot capable ViewPad 10 tablet PC is now available for sale. The ViewPad 10 was originally announced later last year and has since then been considered as one of the first high-performance dual-boot enabled tablet PCs. The ViewSonic viewPad 10 features a 10.1-inches LED-backlit capacitive touch display which renders a display resolution of 1024×600 pixels. It packs in an amazing agglomeration of technical specifications in an elegant-yet-sturdy looking form factor. The most interesting thing about the ViewPad 10 is its ability to boot two different operating systems. Yes, the ViewPad 10 is designed to support both Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Google’s Android operating systems under a single hardshell. Under the hood, the device is packaged with a 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of  DDR3 RAM, a 1.3megapixel front-facing camera for video calls, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and plenty of SSD storage. There’s also a microSD card slot for up to …

Free AVG Antivirus for Android Devices

With the rapid growing of Android-powered gadgets such as Android smartphones, tablets and etc, this population of devices has become lucrative targets for the financially-motivated cyber criminals. For instance, Google have recently found a couple dozens of Android apps infected with the notorious rootkit malware – “DroidDream” that could steal private information from the Android gadgets. Although Google acted to remove such apps from Google’s Android Market immediately on being alerted, but it would a better situation if a defense mechanism in the Android devices exists to prevent such apps download. As the malware threat for Android devices is on the rise, AVG’s Antivirus for Android Devices is the antivirus you might want to try. In details, AVG’s Android Antivirus is based on the famous DroidSecurity in which AVG has acquired in November 2010. Both free and premium versions are offered by AVG for protecting the Android Devices. Here’s the list of protection features …

Foursquare App Now Upgraded to 3.0

Now with over 7 million users, Foursquare is rolling-out an upgrade to an improved version of this so-called “check-in†application.
From its humble beginning as a social networking app that aimed to helps users better explore the world, the all new Foursquare has raised the bar for location-based mobile platform with added features like utilizing a revolutionary means of sharing whereabouts update with friends, some insider tips and earning rewards and discounts with regular use. The upgrade’s particularly striking new feature is the “Explore� tab where users can key-in the location where they want to go and in turn, the app will provide more personalized recommendations based on proximity, places their friends frequently visit as well as the day of the week.
Two years ago, Foursquare CEO, Dennis Crowley was just toying about the idea of “turning life into a game†and “making cities easier to useâ€. Soon after he built the company albeit with limited resou…

Why I switched back to an AT&T iPhone

Look, I have been dreaming about a Verizon iPhone since the original announcement was made in 2007. I’ve always admired Verizon’s insanely solid and reliable wireless network, even before it was Verizon (someone tell James Earl Jones I said what’s up). I had the first digital phone Verizon Wireless offered (following countless analog phones prior to that), and I’ve had many more since then. But I switched away from Verizon Wireless as soon as I saw that the handsets available in Europe were becoming more advanced, because these new phones typically didn’t become available from Verizon for months or even years later, if at all. As soon as I saw that I could switch my SIM card from phone to phone myself, I was on a tear — first on T-Mobile, then AT&T when I realized how much better AT&T’s coverage was in my area, even five years ago. During all of this, however, I always knew that Verizon’s network was better than any other wireless network in the United States. Why?…