Foursquare App Now Upgraded to 3.0

foursquare Foursquare App Now Upgraded to 3.0
Now with over 7 million users, Foursquare is rolling-out an upgrade to an improved version of this so-called “check-in†application.
From its humble beginning as a social networking app that aimed to helps users better explore the world, the all new Foursquare has raised the bar for location-based mobile platform with added features like utilizing a revolutionary means of sharing whereabouts update with friends, some insider tips and earning rewards and discounts with regular use. The upgrade’s particularly striking new feature is the “Explore� tab where users can key-in the location where they want to go and in turn, the app will provide more personalized recommendations based on proximity, places their friends frequently visit as well as the day of the week.
Two years ago, Foursquare CEO, Dennis Crowley was just toying about the idea of “turning life into a game†and “making cities easier to useâ€. Soon after he built the company albeit with limited resources and it did not take long before the app gained a lot of following as a product of “word of mouthâ€, literally and figuratively speaking. According to Crowley, for the past year, Foursquare had almost half a billion of check-ins.
At this point, the company intends to go beyond the check-ins, that is, their focus has now moved on to improving these aspects; earning loyalties and giving out rewards in such a way that a win-win relationship is built between and among Foursquare users and merchants. Having almost 7.5 million customers using foursquare all at the same time, can pose to be a problem but the company had the vision to prepare for that eventuality.
The 3.0 upgrade has included more remarkable features aside from the “Explore†tab we just mentioned and they are:
  • An up-to-the-minute leaderboard point system. This adds as a motivational push for users to achieve their desired badges. Friends can also set-up their own foursquare competition like who gets to most new places in, let’s say, a week’s time and see their updated standing on the fly.
  • “Special†feature, another first for version 3.0, is an innovative rewards system for earning “mayorship†status. Currently, they were able to devise six different means of granting rewards to loyal clients, this way getting the “mayorship†position has likewise become more challenging. Hence, the more you check-in, the more reward points you earn, which equates to more merchant discounts and savings users get from earning those badges.
For more juicy rewards, get the Foursquare v3.0 from the Android Market.  This upgrade works for Android devices with OS 1.5 or higher. This app, by the way, is FREE.



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