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Now, a robot that expresses and detects emotions!

Now, a robot that expresses and detects emotions!Lonely souls could now look forward to a unique company, thanks to European scientists who have unveiled the world’s first robot which is able to display and detect human emotions.
The humanoid machine, called Nao, which hunches its shoulders when it feels sad and raises its arms for a hug when it’s happy, has been designed to mimic the emotional skills of a one-year-old child, say the scientists.
Nao is able to detect human emotions through a series of non-verbal “clues”, like body-language and facial expressions, and becomes more adept at reading a person’s mood through prolonged interaction.
The robot, which is capable of forming bonds with people who treat it with kindness, uses video cameras to detect how close a person comes and sensors to work out how tactile they are, ‘The Daily Telegraph’ reported.
The wiring of the robot’s “brain”, designed to mirror the neural network of the human mind, allows it to remember its interactions with…