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Showing posts from August 19, 2010

Scientific breakthrough in creating synthetic blood

Scientists have created red blood cells for the first time from spare IVF embryos ells in Britain as part of a multi-million pound project to manufacture synthetic blood on mass-scale.IVF or In-vitro fertilisation is a process by which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb.Researchers relied on more than 100 spare embryos left over from treatment at fertility clinics to establish several embryonic stem cell “lines”, reports the Telegraph.One of them, known as RC-7, was converted into blood stem cells before they were transformed into red cells containing haemoglobin - the oxygen-carrying pigment.Scientists averred that the objective was to find cells genetically programmed to develop into the O-Negative blood group, one of the rarest groups.This is the universal donor group whose blood can be transfused into anyone without fear of tissue rejection but is only found in seven per cent of the population.According to the researchers, the aim of the project is to establish a m…

The ‘X' Factor: Nokia X6

The X6 smartphone comes with3.2-inch capacitive touch screen and widescreen display to watch HD videos on your mobile. Take stunning photos with the 5-meg camera endowed with Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash. A dedicated media bar touch key gives quick access to features like music, videos, media gallery, sharing media online and the web browser. The handset has 8GB of memory and supports 11.5 hours of talk time on GSM and 6 hours of talk time on 3G.