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10 Websites to Test Internet Speed

Here are 10 free websites to test internet speed. These internet speed test websites test download speed and upload speed of your internet. It helps you in ascertaining if you are getting same speed as your internet provider claims to be providing. All these internet speed test websites are completely free, and you do not need to download or install anything to use these. You do not even need to create an account or register to test your internet speed. SpeedTest.Net:  SpeedTest.Net is one of the most popular internet speed test website. It quite accurately finds your internet speed. It also auto-detects your location, and does speed test from a server that is closest to your location. This gives you better accuracy of internet speed. You are also free to choose any other server to test speed of internet. It shows both download as well as upload speed.TestInternetSpeed: This is another simple to use website to find internet speed. It has a simple to use interface, and sho…

Facebook Page Redesign 2011: All You Need to Know

We’ll be covering detailed best practices in preparation for the March 1st migration to the new Pages in the Facebook Marketing Bible, our guide to marketing and advertising on Facebook.
Today Facebook launches a major redesign and expansion of functionality of its Pages for businesses, brands, media, and public figures. The Page layout will now match the December user profile redesign, with a left-hand navigation menu replacing the tabs above the wall. Page admins will also be able to login as their Page, giving them access to Facebook and email notifications about activity on their Page, and other options.

Page admins will begin seeing a preview and tour of the new features today, and will have the choice to voluntarily upgrade until March 1st when all Pages will be automatically migrated to the redesign.

Google Lets Users Double-Down on Account Security

The net is getting a little safer for Google users Thursday, as the company unveils an option to lock down their accounts with more than just a password.
Starting Thursday all Google users can choose to turn on a so-called “two-factor authentication” feature, which will require them to type in a special, short-lived second password in addition to their normal password to get into their account. Users will be able to get the codes by text or a phone call, or use smart phone apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry to generate the codes.
The idea isn’t new, even though this is the first time such a security option has been offered for free by a major online e-mail service.
Government agencies, banks, online games such as World of Warcraft, and investment companies have long used little keychain fobs that generate cryptographically secure, random codes every few minutes. To log on to your account, you first type in your usual username and

iPad 2 might use Samsung’s Super PLS display technology

According to the Korea Herald, Apple’s new iPad will likely utilize Samsung’s newly revealed Super PLS technology. The current iPad, as well as the iPhone 4, use a technology called IPS, which provides outstanding viewing angles. Samsung’s PLS technology is superior to IPS in many regards. The viewing angles provided by PLS are improved as the display actually shifts the shape of the individual pixels so they are displayed brighter and with better contrast from more angles. In addition to better viewing angles, the Super PLS display is also generally 10% brighter than the IPS technology. Perhaps the best part about these displays is that they cost around 15% less to manufacture than IPS displays. Apple typically uses multiple display manufactures for their products so it wouldn’t be a surprise for LG to have developed a similar technology. That might explain why our leaked iPad 2 screen is manufactured by LG is better quality than the first iPad display. Just because the scre…

RIM to craft PlayBook to run Android apps but fears Oracle lawsuit

RIM plans to add support for running existing Android 2.x apps on its upcoming PlayBook tablet to narrow its "app gap," but also fears retribution from Oracle were it to use Android's Dalvik Virtual Machine to do so.

As noted in a report by Bloomberg, RIM hopes to match the capabilities of a new crop of Android 3.0 tablets, which will similarly incorporate backward support for existing Android Market titles.

Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1″ officially pictured

Samsung hasn’t really managed to keep a lid on either the Samsung Galaxy S II dual-core smartphone (aka the Galaxy S 2) or the new Galaxy Tab 10.1″, and now the company has pushed out official photos of the handsets. Samsung Hub and MovePlayer gathered together the shots, which show the Galaxy S II’s 4.3-inch Super AMOLED WVGA display and the Galaxy Tab 10.1″s 1280 x 800 panel and 8-megapixel rear camera.

The Galaxy S II also gets a 1GHz dual-core processor, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 + HS, HSPA+ and all in a 116g, 8.49mm-thick chassis. The 8-megapixel camera can shoot Full HD, and there’s either 16GB or 32GB of storage and the ability to stream content to a nearby HDTV via DLNA. Apps include an updated version of TouchWiz, along with a Readers Hub, Social Hub, Games Hub and Music Hub.
As for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″, that runs Honeycomb and, since it’s a Google Experience device, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI isn’t loaded. It can also record Full HD video, and it has dual sur…

Cydia Blocked on Three UK, Ireland and China Unicom

We have just been tipped by one of our readers about UK carrier Three blocking Cydia servers on their 3G network. A new thing has happened today
I live in the UK and have an iPhone 4 on three…
You probably don’t know, but three blocks a lot of websites including Warez and ****.
However now, they have also blocked Cydia and I have attached a photo too to show it but it works fine on wifi.
This effects all three customers contract or PAYG and also cannot be unblocked unlike **** with a pin, like Warez its blocked for everyone.
This has also been confirmed on Three Ireland by well known iPhone developer Steve Troughton-Smith on Twitter. Wow, 3 Ireland (iPhone carrier) has blocked Cydia’s servers from their network: /via @0xMW
iHackintosh reports that China Unicom is also blocking Cydia servers on their 3G network. Thanks to Jordan McGarry for the hat tip! You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fanpage to k…

Gingerbread Updated to Version Android 2.3.3

Google released a new version of  Android OS i.e.  Android 2.3 (codenamed Gingerbread). The main innovation in this OS is support for the emergence of several new types of communication capabilities, among them – wireless technology NFC. This technology allows mobile phone in his new capacity, such as a ticket, the key to the castle, or a means of exchanging data with other devices. The company understands that there is great interest associated with the use of this technology in applications, and that it has released an update for Android 2.3, which adds new possibilities of using NFC for developers, including: A complete set of API to read / write NFC, which allows applications to read and write almost any standard tag NFC, are in the range of the wireless module.Enhanced scheduling, which allows applications to more opportunities to control how and when they run in the case of NFC tags.Some limited support for peer connections with other NFC devices.With the release of the …

Norton DNS Helps to Protect Kids on the Mobile Web

In addition to Norton Mobile Security, Symantec is also planning to launch Norton DNS 1.5 to smartphone users this week. The system is based upon the Domain Name System (DNS) and will help to provide for a safer Internet by using Norton Safe Web technology, providing safeguards against phishing, malware, and spyware. Additionally, Norton DNS can also allow parents to set up Web rules to block inappropriate websites from minors. Symantec says that Norton DNS is free to users of PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones using Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Users can go to to download the latest version. An extension to Norton DNS that I suggested Symantec examine would be to extend the company’s experience with Norton Safe Web technology and website monitoring technologies to guard against phishing, malware and spyware and extend it to apps. With some Android apps having made the news recently by sending information about the user to an external server with…

Reasons why the code name of Android OS is a dessert

The code name of the operating system (OS), Android always use desserts and has become his trademark. Why?

The names of the first Android operating system since its launch from the Cupcake (Android 1.5), Donut (Android 1.6), Eclair (Android 2.1), Froy (Android 2.2), gingerbread (Android 2.3), and special tablets OS, honeycomb (Android 3.0.)

New operating system will soon be the next version is Ice Cream (Android 2.4). Which is why Google uses the name of the dessert? Internet giant refused to explain.

Google spokesman said Randall Saraf to give the names were the result of internal decisions and Google choose to perform a little magic in this.

"When the new Android platform was released, carried the names of the desserts. Most of the alphabetical order," he said.

Another peculiarity Android operating system to use the name of the dessert, the names have the initials in alphabetical order, ie, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froy, gingerbread, honeycomb, and …

Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charger Keeps You Juiced Up

am an indoor person most of the year, thanks to the blistering heat we get half the year here in Texas. If you live where you can get out and enjoy the outdoors, but are geeky and need power for your gadgets, Powertrekk has a new fuel cell charger for you. The charger is a two-part system and has a hydrogen fuel cell and a battery pack in one. The battery pack can be charged and used by itself or you can use the fuel cell to charge the battery and use that power on the go. The battery also acts as a buffer for the fuel cell charger. <a href=""></a>The device has a USB port and can charge any gadgets that need a USB port for power. That means the iPhone and many other gadgets should work with it. The only catch is that you will have to take your charge cables with you. To get more power from the fuel cell the user will need water and a new fuel cartridge. Pricing for the Powertrekk and the refill ca…