Gingerbread Updated to Version Android 2.3.3

Google released a new version of  Android OS i.e.  Android 2.3 (codenamed Gingerbread). The main innovation in this OS is support for the emergence of several new types of communication capabilities, among them – wireless technology NFC.
This technology allows mobile phone in his new capacity, such as a ticket, the key to the castle, or a means of exchanging data with other devices. The company understands that there is great interest associated with the use of this technology in applications, and that it has released an update for Android 2.3, which adds new possibilities of using NFC for developers, including:
  • A complete set of API to read / write NFC, which allows applications to read and write almost any standard tag NFC, are in the range of the wireless module.
  • Enhanced scheduling, which allows applications to more opportunities to control how and when they run in the case of NFC tags.
  • Some limited support for peer connections with other NFC devices.
With the release of the new update, the level of API for this release climbed to API level, 10. Download Android 2.3.3 SDK you can run Android SDK Manager.


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