Facebook Removes Suggest Page To Friends Feature

One of the more useful features of Facebook is a simple tool that users can use to suggest pages to their friends. As of the past few days the feature stopped working for administrators and is no longer visible to fans of the page.
Suggest To Friends Gone

The most likely reason for this change was that page administrators were typically the only people likely to use the tool. This also prevents page administrators from encouraging fans to share their page with others. While the tool is currently broken for admins, I have a feeling it will be resolved in the near future. There’s also a chance that Facebook will come up with alternative solutions for easily sharing your favorite pages. Ultimately I’m not sure how large of an impact this will have on page growth but it’s definitely something that admins won’t be happy about.
Did you ever use the “Suggest To Friends” feature when you visited another page? How about for Pages you administer yourself?
One thing that may not have been clear: admins can still access the feature, however fans of a page cannot.


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