Opera Mini had 85.5 million users in December 2010

As you know, 2010 was quite a successful year for Opera’s mobile browser, Opera Mini. Opera Mini launched its iOS version and it got more than one million downloads on the first day, which was quite a success. Anyway, in December 2010, Opera had over 85.5 million users, and that’s a 6.8% increase from November 2010. As from December 2009, Opera Mini had 84.7% more new users.
In addition, in December 2010, Opera Mini users viewed more than 46.7 billion pages and that’s a 4.6% increase since November, and 125.5% increase since December 2009

As you can see, Opera’s popularity is growing, and without a doubt, Opera Mini was one of the most popular mobile browsers last year, so if you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest that you give it a go.


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