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Facebook gets a facelift

Bangalore: The social networking giant Facebook has announced a new layout for brand pages used by businesses and other organizations with newly added features and capabilities. The new layout removes the tabs on the top of the page giving it a fresh look than just a contemporary user profile pages. With the new design, links appears instead of tabs on the left side of the page underneath the brand's profile picture. The redesign is already out and will take effect from March 10 for all. The pages are mainly designed for businesses, brands, public figures and organizations to oversee their daily operations. Sending a message to administrators on February 10, the company offered pages owners the opportunity to preview and upgrade early to the new format.

With the latest updation, you can interact with other pages as your brand, rather than yourself. Many features previously enjoyed only by the individual users, are made available here. For example, 'Likes' and comments on your page are displayed on the notifications bar guise. A photo-strip option have been created above the wall that displays the latest photos the Page has 'tagged' itself in and the photos will be displayed in a different order every time the page loads.

As Facebook has always been able to come up with new things, more features and options to this are expected in the near future.News Feed and Mini-Feed are a different way of looking at the news about your friends, but they do not give out any information that wasn't already visible. Your privacy settings remain the same – the people who couldn't see your info before still can't see it now.

These features are not only different from anything we've had on Facebook before, but they're quite unlike anything you can find on the web. We hope these changes help you stay more up to date on your friends' lives. The interior remodel will be completed for opening night of the first show of the 2011 season, “Under the Boardwalk” on Thursday, January 20.  Exterior remodel will be completed shortly there after.

In addition to great performances, theatergoers can still expect to be welcomed into that comfortable atmosphere of cabaret style tables with sawdust on the floor while being serenaded by honky-tonk piano… but now they can have a lot more to look at on their way in the door and on their way to satisfy their appetite!


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