Tally unveils upgraded version Tally.ERP 9 Series

Bangalore: Tally Solutions has come out with an upgraded version "Tally ERP9 series 'A' Release 3.0". The new version has been designed for flawless business execution and it comes with new features and enhanced functionalities, including the incorporation of the new Rupee symbol.

According to the company, the new edition includes introduction of its bidirectional language feature, simplification of business processes via Job Work and Payroll via Income Tax for payroll. Tally also provides another interesting feature that facilitates for "inter-currency" conversion. Tally allows the user to select a base currency (say INR in this case) and converts the consolidated reports of all international branches of the business into the same.

The Banking module now makes transactions easier to record, execute, and monitor by filters such as dates, payment modes, and modes of transactions thereby simplifying records paving a comprehensive route for smooth bank reconciliations.


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