EightBit.me is Going to See a Flood of Happy 30-Somethings

eightbitmescreen.jpgEightBit.me is a fun little service that makes it easy for users to create avatars for themselves in 8-bit graphics, the old-fashioned looking video-game type imagery. The site has allowed a limited number of beta testers in and today opened up a gallery of some of their avatars. It looks like a lot of fun. (Note: The site includes auto-playing music.)
Users log-in with Twitter, then create moving little full-body avatars for themselves. All the first beta avatars are dressed in various outfits, except for Digg co-founder Kevin Rose. His avatar is naked but for its skivvies. EightBit.me says it hopes to launch this month but in the mean time, co-founder Addison Kowalski (a designer and Rose fellow-traveler), has posted a charming how-to video on YouTube for creating an 8-bit avatar for yourself in Photoshop. It's embedded below. For those of us who grew up playing early video games, this aesthetic is deeply pleasing. Watch for the site to launch soon.


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