Techlightenment Acquired As Clickable Launches New Service

While by no means the first to enter the Facebook Ad manager market, Clickable, a company dedicated to making online advertising simple and profitable, has formally announced the launch of their “Facebook Ad Management Tools”. This comes the day after Techlightenment, the first company to provide a tool on top of the Facebook Ads API informed us that a majority stake of their company had been purchased by Experian.
With a large ecosystem of advertising platforms built on top of Google in the early years, many are hoping to take advantage of a similar opportunity being offered by Facebook through the company’s Ads API. With the Techlightenment announcement, it’s clear that this market is heating up less than a year and a half after it first started. The official statement send to us provided the following rationale from Experian:
The acquisition is a further step in Experian’s global strategy to develop and grow its digital marketing activities, providing a range of social media marketing tools to its clients. This acquisition will allow Experian to use its data, client base and geographic reach alongside Techlightenment’s technology and digital expertise, to enable clients to build their brand and direct response campaigns in the social media environment.
Currently there are probably less than 10 significant players in this space with TBG Digital, the largest of all of them, Techlightenment, Spruce Media, TMP Social, and 77 Agency probably ranking as the largest players in the space. While I’m not sure that Clickable’s solution is substantially different from the others, it’s going after a different segment of the market which is interested in a more robust self-serve Platform, a space that each of the larger players are hoping to provide in the future. You can check out the details of the new Clickable product in the video below and read more via the company’s website.


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