Microsoft withdraws support from Windows XP

Microsoft withdraws support from Windows XP

Bangalore: Microsoft's four Security Bulletins will offer assistance to users to protect a vulnerable windows computer which was disclosed by Google employee Tavis Ormandy before Microsoft could provide a solution.

Along with the patches, Microsoft has taken its hands off from supporting Windows XP Service Pack 2 which suggests that Windows XP will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft.
Dave Marcus, Research and Communications Director, McAfee says,"McAfee Labs has seen malware in the wild that exploits this o-day vulnerability. Security researchers need to work closely with software vendors to ensure vulnerabilities are patched in the most expedient method and timeline possible, without putting users at risk."

McAfee approves of Microsoft's patches and has asked users to install them at the earliest. Windows Automatic Updates should be used by home users and for the purpose of business it is important to have a risk management system in place to prioritize the patches.

The cyber criminals will ride on the culmination of support from Microsoft as customers heavily depend on this application. Marcus said, "Users of Windows XP SP2 should consider migration options and robust security solutions to mitigate risk."


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