Intel, Micron Cram 8 Gigs of Chip Into 4-Gig Bag

Intel, Micron Cram 8 Gigs of Chip Into 4-Gig Bag
Intel and Micron have jointly announced what may be the world's smallest, densest NAND flash memory device yet.

Their 25-nanometer (25nm) NAND flash semiconductor offers 8 GB of memory in a single NAND processor. This could pave the way for higher-capacity storage for consumer devices.

The 25nm NAND semiconductor is sampling now; it will be in production in the second quarter of 2010.

Chip Sandwich
For consumer electronics manufacturers, the 25nn NAND processor provides the highest density in a single two bits-per-cell multi-level cell die that will fit an industry-standard, thin small-outline package, Intel said. Multiple 8 GB processors can be stacked in a package to increase storage capacity.

The processor measures 167 square millimeters. Put another way, it will fit through the hole in the middle of a CD. However, it has more than 10 times the 700 MB capacity of a CD.


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