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Featured Articles Top 10 Hardest Interview Questions

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Top 10 Hardest Interview Questions

A job interview is no easy task. In fact many job seekers have trouble with the same set of questions. To ease the process of interviewing, we've listed the Top 10 Hardest Job Interview Questions. Focus on these job interview questions, study them, learn them, research them, and ace your next job interview!

1. Why did you get fired/ terminated?

This question is tricky yet needs to be answered with full honesty. The interviewer would want to hear your honesty and your side of the story. Support your answer with a very good explanation. In case you get fired due to legal issues, explain that you were currently working on it and that it does not have anything to do with your performance. Your explanation in your answer is very important; it should be direct and should not contain intersections.

2. Tell me about problems you encountered with Supervisors.

Another tricky question that will test how you worked with your superiors. I suggest not to be too honest in answering this question. For example, common observations such as being bossy, opinionated, authoritarian, or being a keen observer are the common traits of a Supervisor that are incorrectly used. Instead, cite a personal experience that you had encounter with a supervisor so that the interviewer would understand why it became your problem.

3. What Qualities do you look for in a boss?

Do not answer with the most common traits that a boss should possess like "being nice to employees" or a good leader. You should relate your answer with your work. For example “My ideal boss is someone who can make time to hear employees' opinions or ideas, and a boss who cares to listen and give fair his/her opinion with my work.”

4. As a professional, do you have any disappointments?

Cite the experience that really disappoints you, as you relay the story behind it make sure that you state something that you have learned after.

5. What is your edge among other jobseekers who already have professional experience?

This question is one of the most tricky questions for fresh graduates. You need to answer this question with full confidence and strut. Most answer “because of my age and fresh ideas." You should further explain your answer, and make surethat it has something to do with the company’s growth.

6. What do you know about this company?

Considered to be one of the hardest questions since most jobseekers failed to research the company (its management, products, etc.).

7. How would you be an asset to this company?

Another tough question. Confidence is the key to surpass this one. Give a clear two-liner explanation on how you can become an asset to the company

8. Why do you think you will do well on this position that you are applying for?

Cite an experience where you often got praise on the things that you did and relate that to how qualified you are in the position that you are applying for.

9. What is your observation about this company?

This question may be a trap. The interviewer expects you to be a keen observer since you want to work in their company.Make sure that you observed the company’s environment, workers, and the office. Your impression matters to the interviewer.

10. Are you open for criticisms?

How do you take them? - Your attitude will be tested in this question. The interviewer wants to know if you are open for suggestions and how strong you are in handling pressure.


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