Featured Technology Talk HP introduces the HP Proliant G7 servers

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HP introduces the HP Proliant G7 servers

Bangalore: After the introduction of the HP ProLiant servers - the DL360 G7 and DL380 G7, HP announced the launch of G7 servers with AMD Operaton in India. Unlike, the DL360 and DL380 which offers a 20:1 greater consolidation ratio, the newly launched HP ProLiant DL165 G7 and HP ProLiant DL385 G7 with rack -optimized servers offer a ratio of 23:1 consolidation. In a cloud based infrastructure a lot depends on the virtual servers function. Rajesh Dhar Director, Industry Standard Servers, HP India, said "G7 is a completely virtual server which has been patented to provide Ethernet."

The HP Proliant severs known as the "magnificent seven" forms a part of the HP Converged Infrastructure portfolio. It incorporates servers, storage, network devices and facility resources which would help companies to channelize their resources towards IT innovation.

Dhar said that "HP had come up with the G7 ProLiant after a careful survey of 500 companies based across India, Australia, China and Japan."

The research of 500 companies' shows that the challenges faced by companies include rigid infrastructure, information explosion and aging applications which stand as barriers for IT innovation. 7 out of 10 respondents felt that a lot of money goes into routine management for maintaining the operational cost. Dhar also said that, "India being the fourth largest market in Asia Pacific, 75 percent of the Indians are open to the idea of accepting innovation solutions."

By offering the innovation solution HP plans to break free the money that is engaged in unnecessary funding and at the same time provide a self fund to re- structure and innovate.

The HP ProLiant servers are inclusive of HP Thermal Logic technologies which helps in reducing 96 percent of the power consumption. The HP Sensors are able to offer cooling and efficiency solutions by automatically tracking thermal activity by collecting 32 smart sensors placed strategically throughout the server. These 32 sensors are placed in such a way that it does not disturb the server.

Ramchandran V, National Product Manager, HP said, "Customers who look for high proficiency with less cost would gain benefit. HP's cooling solutions would help companies to save around $2300." He even revealed that the G7 is a step further than the G6 as it can save up to 10 kilobytes of power in a system. It also gets integrated into building management software."

The existing G6 customers can also update their system to G7 ProLiant without any major difficulty. The HP solutions also help in training their partners and offer cash flow management.


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