Artificial intelligence to bring computers at par with humans

Artificial intelligence to bring computers at par with humans

Bangalore: There have been debates about the competition between man and computer.People often zero in to the fact that, computers cannot replace human brain. Computer scientists have been pursuing artificial intelligence, the use of computers to simulate human thinking, reports Steve Lohr and John Markoff of the New York Times.
Rapid progress has been made in machines that can listen, speak, see, reason and learn in their way. It is not only that artificial intelligence will transform the way humans and machines communicate and collaborate, but will also eliminate millions of jobs, create many others and change the nature of work and daily routines.

Artificial intelligence in today's world is way different from the older format, where computers just understood what humans were saying. Both Google's and Microsoft's search services now respond to voice commands. Translation software being tested by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is fast enough to keep up with some simple conversations.

Yet if far from perfect, speech recognition software is good enough to be useful in more ways all the time. Today, voice software enables many calls to be automated entirely. And more advanced systems can understand even a perplexed, rambling customer with a misbehaving product well enough to route the caller to someone trained in that product, saving time and frustration for the customer. They can detect anger in a caller's voice and respond accordingly, usually by routing the call to a manager.


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