Technology to help integrate disabled people to mainstream

Technology to help integrate disabled people to mainstream

Bangalore: The application of technology to integrate the disabled people in the mainstream has always been an option. Technology can assist the disabled people in more ways than one. The Spastic Society of Karnataka's Center for Assistive Technology held talks on how to make technology-based devices easily available and affordable in India.

Rukmini Krishnaswami, Director of the Spastic Society, said, "AT is here to help integrate disabled people in the mainstream. Most of them are lonely and excluded, with no social interaction, and this is where AT can help them not only to communicate with others, but also to discover new hobbies and develop creativity."

Assistive Technology is famous worldwide and many countries have been working on it. The technology allows disabled people to be self- reliant and catch up with things at the same speed as their peers.

However, importing Assistive Technology software will be impractical as they will be costly and not adaptable to our culture and language. The need is to make it more suitable to Indian conditions which will reap the desired results.


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