Vidopia launches iVidopia, ad platform for smartphones in India

Vidopia launches iVidopia, ad platform for smartphones in India

Bangalore: Vdopia, U.S. based mobile advertising company, has launched iVidopia in India. It is an advanced mobile advertising platform and network with rich media and video advertising on smartphones. The company launched this platform in U.S. last year and have already revolutionized mobile advertising in the U.S. by successful campaigns for Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, Miller Lite and other leading companies. iVidopia will allow advertisers to reach the target audience using smartphones. Apart from enabling application developers serve their own ad campaigns, Vdopia also provides an inventory of ads of popular brands.

"Since India is getting ready for 3G, we thought that this is the right time to launch iVdopia," said Saurabh Bhatia, Chief Business Officer of Vdopia. He added that the company is in talks with leading telecom operators and advertisers in India.

Vdopia's ad platform delivers ad formats like: pre-app video, logo placement, banner ads and sponsorship ads to smartphone applications. It also offers analytics for both applications and advertisements, including information on user reach, user engagement and the number of times users play ads.

Bhatia added that, "On the video front, iVdopia is the first company to launch pre-app video ads within applications. We have also brought HTML 5 (Future 5) technology on smartphones, both here and abroad, as we believe that the future is on HTML 5 and Flash is becoming obsolete. We are also the only independent ad platform as we work across all smartphones such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry."


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