Software that can identify people from internet

Software that can identify people from internet

Bangalore: Now, people can be identified from their images posted on the internet, as a software firm named has developed a facial recognition technology. The software, which is yet to be released, can help identify people on social networking sites and online galleries by comparing their images against known pictures of them The software works by creating an algorithm of the face, which is a measurement of the arrangement of features including the eyes, nose and mouth, according to the developers. The company further claimed that while scanning typical images which appear on social networking sites, the software is 90 percent accurate.

According to Gil Hirsch, Chief Executive of, the company has launched a service that allows developers to take its facial recognition technology and apply it to their own applications. The technology is already being used by 5,000 developers, Hirsch added.

Supporters of the software, including the Red Cross, have said it could be used to track people lost in humanitarian disasters. However, there are some negative concerns too. According to Simon Davies, Director of Privacy International, the technology will make people uneasy by affecting their privacy on the Internet.


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