Flippin' over Lenovo's convertible tablet

With companies like Fujitsu and HP introducing new products in the convertible PC category, Lenovo has joined the bandwagon and launched the IdeaPad S10-3t. A convertible PC is essentially a laptop with a LED touch screen which rotates 180 degrees, to fit on top of the keyboard and doubles up to function as a slate.The S10-3t has a really impressive ergonomic design. It features a screen that is 10.1-inches wide, and the lid is a smart black colour, with an attractive embossed geometric design, which can also be seen on the lower panel, just below the keyboard.In terms of connectivity options, the tablet offers two USB 2.0 ports, a 6x1 card reader, a 3.5mm stereo headphone and 3.5 mm microphone slots and a VGA port.The IdeaPad S10-3t's trackpad was too small for comfort and made navigating troublesome. It was also unresponsive at the best of times, especially when it came to scrolling up and down. There is also the hard-felt lack of physical left and right mouse buttons, which left users feeling more cramped.The touch interface was a delight to use with the S10-3t's capacitive touch screen.All in all, the tablet functioned quite well as a netbook. Whether the swivelling touch screen can function independently as a slate looks doubtful – especially when using a Windows OS, and considering new entrants in the market like the Dell Streak. Until then, we would recommend the S10-3t if you're looking for a netbook for basic computing needs, along with the novelty of a convertible touch screen.


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