Smartphones will react to our moods in future: Justin Rattner

San Francisco: Personal devices like smartphones and televisions are going to sense our moods in near future and will be offering advice to the user, said Intel Corp's Chief technology officer Justin Rattner.

Talking about context-aware computing at the annual Intel Develop Forum in San Francisco, Rattner demonstrate how ultra- smartphones can react to our moods and how personal devices will one day offer advice that goes way beyond local restaurants and new songs to download."Future devices will constantly learn about who you are, how you live, work and play", said Rattner. He also demonstrated a television remote control that figures out who is holding it based on how it is held, and then learns the viewer's entertainment preferences.

According to market research company IDC, the smartphone industry, including technology giants like LG and Samsung, is likely to sell 270 million phones this year and grow 25 percent in 2011. There will be features that support context-aware computing starting to appear in Intel products in the not-too-distant future, Rattner said.

The questions about privacy and people's willingness to be intimate with their computers will have to be resolved before the future generation of smartphones he described takes off, said Rattner.


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