iPad 2 to launch in three versions?

Bangalore: With speculations abound in the Web about the iPad 2, the latest one says that iPad 2 will be launched in three versions.

One will support Wi-Fi only, the next will see a combination of Wi-Fi and UTMS support while the third version will come with support of Wi-Fi and CDMA.

DigiTimes reports that the mass production of the three versions will start in the latter half January 2011.

Since the current iPad shipments are mostly of 3G models, Apple aims to offer more wireless connectivity solutions with iPad 2.

Among other works to better the iPad 2, Apple is working on improving the anti-smudge and anti-reflective effects.

It is estimated that the production of iPad will stop after January and the iPad 2 is expected to launch by end of first quarter or start of the second.

iPad 2, when launched, is speculated to ship about 40 million units translating to 65-75 percent of global tablet market.


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