The war of the PC tabletss

No longer can the iPad rest easy as numero uno in the tablet market. With a slew of launches from the competition, the tablet war is truly on. From the Samsung Galaxy to the Dell Streak, here is a look at some of the products on offer. .

If last year was the year of Netbooks, 2010 seems to be the year of Tablets. Since the day, very first rumours of Apple Tablet iPad started floating in, IT hardware manufacturers of all hues have jumped on to the Tablet bandwagon.

Joining the Tablet market is IT major HP, which unveiled its Tablet, called Slate, at the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas in January. The company recently released a video promoting its upcoming touchscreen Tablet which will run on Windows 7 operating system.

Here’s looking into how HP Tablet stands vis-a-vis Apple iPad in specs like memory, display, connectivity, pricing and more


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