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3 Reasons For Waiting To Buy A 3D Tv

3D TV will soon arrive in your living rooms. Without a doubt, 3D TV will make waves once it hits retail stores. 3D TV offers a whole new experience in watching television. With the recent success of 3D cinema thanks to movies like Pixar’s UP and the highest grossing film ever by James Cameron titled Avatar, 3D TV looms over the electronics market. Nonetheless, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, and LED TVs currently hoard the market share of television sets. If you have plans to purchase a new television set this year, it is suggested that you wait a bit when the giant electronic companies such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and LG all unveil their 3D television models this year. Do not yet purchase a new LCD TV, LED TV or a Plasma TV regardless of their features. Patiently wait for it because 3D TV, whether they like it or not, arrives real soon.
Here are some reasons why you should wait to buy a 3D television set:
1. With 3D TV, you get to watch three-dimensional shows in your couch. Yes, 3D TV offers you that experience of watching three-dimensional shows at the comfort of your own home. With 3D TV, you get to watch the increasing number of 3D movies that are produced in 3D Blu-ray format. 3D Blu-ray movies comprise of Coraline, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Monsters vs. Aliens. But of course, for the succeeding years, just visualize re-watching Avatar on 3D in your own house.
2. Another reason why you should wait to buy a 3D TV has something to do with the recent news by cable and network providers. Sports channel ESPN recently announced their plans for a 3D sports network. So now imagine watching the World Cup games on 3D. Nothing beats watching your team winning a thrilling match during the World Cup Finals on 3D. In fact, Panasonic announced their plans for manufacturing a 3D television precisely for that purpose. Another cable network named DirectTV publicized its plans of launching three 3D television channels, which includes one pay-per-view channel. Even cable channel Discovery released a statement that they do have plans to start a 3D channel of their own. So just imagine watching one of those wildlife shows they have on Discovery but this time on a three-dimensional setting. That feels like getting transported to the African Safari or to the Jungles of the Amazon through your 3D Television set. 3D TV possesses a lot of potentialities that yet has to be unleashed and discovered. Hence, just be patient; do not waste your cash on an LCD TV or a Plasma TV. Wait for the release of 3D TV.
3. Moreover, another good reason to wait for 3D televisions sets have to do with console gaming. Surely, the big gaming companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have some 3D games to release soon. Games in the near future might also all be released in the 3D format. Hence, if you prefer to maximize console gaming and its future prospective, wait for 3D TV.


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