4 Ways To Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Book

  • Ninuku ArchivistThe first of the self-publishingof profiles was announced in November: Ninuku Archivist gathers your Facebook activity for an entire year into an Adobe Acrobat file that you can publish into a book. Edit entries, add commentary, and decide what pictures to include with the service. Sign up for a free trial that provides you with a couple of chapters and then if you like what you see, the service costs just for $24 annually.
  • Social BookSocial Book is an ongoing project looking for pledges and funding. On the service’s Kickstarter page, learn more information, watch a video, and see how the finished product would turn out. Prices range from between $25 to $100, depending on the size of your book of choice. Read more about ithere.
  • BookofFameBookofFame will develop your Facebook profile into a cleverly designed scrapbook for nostalgia purposes. It mixes status updates from you and your friends with pictures, published into a creative notebook design. There are both hardcover and paperback options at the prices listed in the picture above. Start creating your own book here.
  • ShutterFly 
  • Turn your Facebook pictures, and your friends, into a photo album through Shutterfly. You can add captions, pick from a variety of layout choices, and choose from a variety of colored pages. The albums begin at 20 pictures, and range in price starting at $12.99. Learn more about the service here.


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