Amazon and GameStop begin taking 3DS pre-orders

3D gaming is no doubt the future. Once 3D TVs go mainstream (and I mean real 3D TV without silly Jarvis Cocker glasses) we’ll probably see some glorious 3D consoles emerge.
In the mean time though portable the Nintendo 3DS is the best we’ve got. If you’re into gadgets you can’t help but be excited by the incoming release of the 3DS. Yes it’s battery life is poor and yes it’s probably going to have many problems but when you’ve got a 3D SuperMario wonderland in front of your eyes you’ll think there could be nothing better.
But chances are we’ll be seeing the types of shortages seen when the Wii first came out so those waiting for the 3Ds will be wise to pre-order now.
And you can; at Amazon and GameStop. Both retailers have began offering pre-orders of the 3D portable-gaming system. In return for hammering in your credit card digits, and promising to pay $249.99 in March.


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