Android Application Development – Bring Revolution in Mobile Industry

Android is a progressive and open source operating system for mobile phone. It is an operating based environment and a modified version of Linux Kernel. Android application requires best Java programming skills to extract more and more benefits. It is a bunch of software for mobile devices and Smartphone including key applications.

Components of Android Development:

* Activity

* Find receiver
* Content
* Services

Offshore custom android programming services is a powerful and spontaneity platform to mobile applications. Limited data storage and lack of graphics punch in the application are the two important limitations of application development. Custome android application development is a set of core applications.

Android apps development
includes an email client, SMS program, browser, calendar, maps, contacts and others. The application’s code wants to execute and shuts down the process at that time android start the process. Its system required by other applications. Android devices are online directories which are IT advertising in native directories and print media.

Android Development Features:

* Camera, GPS, compass and accelerometer

* Optimized graphics
* Rich development environment
* Application framework
* Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G and WiFi
* SQLite
* Dalvik virtual machine
* Media support
* GSM telephony
* Integrated browser

Perception System
(PS) is mobile application Development Company. They are providing professional and experienced experts. Hire Google android developers for your broad scope of applications. They are well versed in the latest Android SDK and deliver custom made apps to the complete satisfaction of the clients. Android developer can offer android apps development on any platform.

Android Development Services @ PS:

* Android application development

* Android SDK development
* Android mobile development
* Android game development
* Android software development
* Android tablet PC app development

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