Developers, Facebook Has Simplified Requests

Facebook has unveiled a more streamlined request dialog for developers that promises to also speed things up for end users.

The social network has done away with the formal limitations on the number of requests that each user could send, and instead is fine-tuning its spam detection systems to eliminate abuse of the protocol. The new request dialog works in IFrame apps and no longer requires Facebook Markup Language on the server side. Use the following code for the new and improved protocol:
That set of code brings up the type of window that you’ll see reproduced below from the example used in Facebook’s developer blog:
Facebook isn’t immediately phasing out the old code for request dialogs, but eventually they will stop working — no formal deadline for that has been announced yet.  In the mean time, the social network will allow developers to embrace the new protocol at their own pace.
Have you had a chance to take Facebook’s  new request dialog code for a spin, and if so, what do you think of it?


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