Dreams of goldDior Feuille d'Or

Nothing captures the essence of luxury as beautifully as gold. While most devices of communication are looked at and manufactured as just that, Dior goes the extra mile and a half, and crafts handsets that go on to become objects of desire.

The latest glamorous handset to be crafted is the Feuille d'Or or what literally translates to ‘Golden Leaf'. An ultraslim clamshell handset, the fa├žade of the Feuille d'Or is a black sapphire crystal plate with gold leaves encrusted in the trademark ‘cannage' pattern.

The flip keyboard has ultra-flat electroluminescent keys and the hinges holding the clamshell together too are black sapphire crystals. The circular browser button on the keypad is inlaid with 0.2 micron gold leaves.

The Dior Feuille d'Or comes packed in a hand-brushed gold-plated case. Included with the handset is My Dior, a miniphone with a matching black sapphire and gold leaf design, that be linked to the Dior Feuille d'Or via Bluetooth.


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