Facebook Tests Call A Friend Feature

Apparently Facebook has teased at least one user with a preview of a possibly forthcoming option to initiate a phone call from the social network’s webpage, according to a tip received by The Daily What.
It’s not clear whether the brief tease noticed by the tipster was functionality coming from the integration of Facebook and Skype — although the preview imagery shows nothing that resembles the Internet calling vendor’s branding.

It’s possible the option to call a friend comes from an internally coded portion of Facebook’s promised expansion of the social inbox to encompass all types of communications. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen this preview first hand and can only tip our hats to The Daily What for getting the following screenshot from a reader named James Clifford Downes.
Readers, have you seen any sneak previews of the ability to start a phone call within the Facebook web page? Do you think this feature comes from the integration of Skype functionality, or somewhere else?


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