Geeky technology: A lock that can be unlocked remotely by a text message

When it comes to technology, we’re always looking forward to those that can make our live easier, and speaking of new technologies, today we have a lock that can be unlocked not by a key but instead by a text message.

I personally think this is an amazing idea, because it will be perfect for you if you accidentally lock yourself out of your apartment, or lose your keys. In fact, you can almost forget all about keys because you can open your lock at any time from any place just by sending a text message from your phone.
So how does this works? Simple, there’s a small web server that’s connected to the lock and when you send a text message from an approved number, the server will open the lock or close it. The downside? Don’t lose your phone.
It’s a great idea, but we doubt that it will replace standard keys anytime soon or ever. Its probably still safer to have a spare key with you, just in case you lose your cellphone or run out of battery.


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