Hands-on with the Motorola XT806LX (Video)

Motorola continues to unravel their arsenal of phones at CES, touting their latest model, the Moto XT806LX.  It’s extremely difficult to watch the video, knowing this device will never hit US shores.  The unique thing about this device is that it sports two different touch screens.  The top fold out screen is capacitive and works the way most Android handsets do using your fingers and multi-touch.  The bottom screen is a resistive touch screen, supporting a stylus hidden in the device, making it easier to input various Chinese characters.  To further add to it’s functionality, Motorola has added an antenna to the device for your TV viewing enjoyment.  And just to top it off as a classy and stylish phone, they have embedded 20 or so Swarovski crystals on the outer edge of the primary screen.  How many of you guys wish this baby was coming to the US?  Let us know what you think about the device in the comments below.   Hit the break for the video, courtesy of Android Central.


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