How One Facebook User Obtained 58,621 Responses To His Question

This afternoon while browsing through the feed I stumbled across the question, “Which pair of glasses looks better on me?” Given that this was one of the first polls to show up in my feed in a long time I decided to click. The most incredible thing is that over 58,621 people have done the same thing.

Hung Truong, the creator of the poll, came up with the idea after seeing another one show up in his feed. He then wrote about the entire experience on his blog and detailed how this was simply a social experiment. Truong observed a slight quirk in the way that Facebook displays polls within the feed (pictured below). At first glance it appears as though your friend was the person who created a poll. The result is that you’re more likely to respond from the start.

Combining the image of a friend with what appears to be a link results in a great click-through rate. The main problem is that the text of the poll response isn’t an actual link. As such you’d manually have to type the URL into the address bar. Ultimately the poll doesn’t actually provide much value because you probably don’t know the person who created the poll. However it was an interesting trick that highlights a slight flaw in Facebook’s questions system. If you want to check out the poll you can view it here.
Glasses Poll Screenshot


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