Internet biggies join hands in support of IPv6

 Bangalore: As the date of the IPv4 addresses depleting is fast approaching, the world is gearing up for its able replacement. In the same vein, Internet giants like Google, Facebook and Yahoo have come together to support the adoption of IPv6 that has been designed to follow IPv4.

The Web biggies have decided to switch to the newer version of Internet Protocol for a day on June 8 this year to show their solidarity to the cause. Incidentally, the day has been christened as the World IPv6 Day.The IPv4 has been used as the Internet Protocol since 1981 and has provided for nearly four billion addresses. However, it is anticipated that the addresses will run out completely this year and hence the search for an alternative has begun.

The Internet companies, along with the Internet Society, will join content delivery networks Akamai and Limelight, to try out the new IPv6. The Internet Society is supporting World IPv6 Day as part of its efforts to accelerate IPv6 deployment.

Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer, Internet Society says, "2011 is a pivotal year in IPv6 deployment, and World IPv6 Day will prove to be an important milestone. By providing an opportunity for the Internet industry to collaborate to test IPv6 readiness we expect to lay the groundwork for large-scale IPv6 adoption and help make IPv6 ready for prime time."

The trial will not only help to identify unforeseen problems about the IPv6, but also enable more devices to be connected to the Internet. The IPv6 can provide four billion more addresses than what the current IP version does, connecting more people to the Internet.

Although it is expected that majority of users will be able to access Internet services as usual on June 8, but estimates show that about 0.05 percent of the users might face some glitches. The participating companies are ensuring every bit that such cases are minimized as much as possible.


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