Japanese manufacturer unveils new scratch-resistant screen

The Japanese glass and chemicals company AGC Group said on Thursday it was to market a new extra-strength glass for the screens of smart phones, tablet computers and other devices.

The chemically strengthened glass, called Dragontrail, was six times stronger than glass produced by the normal soda-lime method, said the group, which includes Tokyo-based Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.. In addition to its scratch-resistant properties, the new glass contained no environmentally harmful products such as arsenic or lead, the company said.

“Dragontrail is a strategic product” to respond to the increasing demand for high quality covers for electronic device screens, said Yoshiaki Tamura, Deputy president of the AGC’s Electronics Company unit. The group said it expects global sales of the new glass to exceed 30 billion yen (360 million dollars) by 2012..


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